FIFA 23 Career Mode - How to sell players

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FIFA 23 Career Mode has received mixed reviews so far this year, with some describing the mode as the worst it's ever been.

That being said, it remains the only place where you can alter the future, and we've got you covered for the best ways to sell players in this year's game.

How to sell players in FIFA 23 Career Mode

Selling players in FIFA 23 Career Mode is not as easy as signing them.

Whilst listing players for transfer is easy, it's not always as simple to get other clubs to bid.

Firstly, you'll want to navigate to the Squad Hub in the Career Mode UI and find the player you wish to sell.

From there, simply select 'place on transfer list' and your player will have an increased chance of receiving offers from opposing clubs.

FIFA 23 Career Mode
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TRADING UP - Buying and selling is a key part of FIFA 23 Career Mode

Of course, the same system works for loaning players out, only this time you'll need to add to the loan list rather than the transfer list.

Once you've transfer listed your player, you should start receiving offers.

Be aware, clubs bidding for a player on the transfer list are very unlikely to pay above their asking price.

If you can't shift a player with this simple method, then try using them as a sweetener in a part-exchange offer with cash included as well.

Stubborn Examples

Unfortunately, there are still some players that, despite being on the transfer list, you'll struggle to shift.

Oftentimes, players can simply refuse contract offers and negotiations will break down.

In order to combat this, you'll have to use them as part of a swap deal, otherwise, they may never find the exit door.

Alternatively, if they're of little value, you can release them from their contract for a small fee.

FIFA 23 Career Mode

FIFA 23 Career Mode has received some love this year, but maybe not in the way we had imagined.

Player Career seems to have been EA's focus, with loads of new features brought in to improve your solo journey.

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