FIFA 23 Career Mode Gems: SUPER talents to make your save SENSATIONAL

Fifa 23

Fifa 23

Ratings week has come for FIFA 23, with the latest upgrades and downgrades being drip fed to us before the full database is revealed!

We're taking a look at all the Career Mode Hidden Gems that will feature this year, those players that have a lower rating at the start of your save but could improve massively over the next few seasons.

Discover all the top Career Mode Hidden Gems in FIFA 23 below.

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LATEST - Career Mode Hidden Gems in FIFA 23

EA has unveiled some of the best Career Mode Hidden Gems!

If you fancy an opportunity to train up some bright young talents, you'll want to pick up these players. Here are the top 20 Hidden Gems with the highest potential growth in FIFA 23.

  • Luke Harris (OVR 61 - POT 84)
  • Laurin Ulrich (OVR 60 - POT 83)
  • Fabio Chiarodia (OVR 60 - POT 83)
  • Alfie Devine (OVR 60 - POT 83)
  • Jonathan Riquelme (OVR 60 - POT 83)
  • Arnaud Dony (59 OVR - POT ??)
  • Ashley Phillips (OVR 59 - POT 82)
  • Ben Chrisene (OVR 58 - POT 81)
  • Guillaume Restes (OVR 58 - POT 81)
  • Darko Gyabi (OVR 57 - POT 80)
  • Serge Ngoma (OVR 56 - POT 79)
  • Josh Feeney (OVR 55 - POT 80)
  • Diogo Monteiro (OVR 54 - POT 78)
  • Oliwier Slawinski (OVR 54 - POT 77)
  • Eirik Blikstad (OVR 54 - POT 77)
  • Dylan Reid (54 OVR - POT ??)
  • Gavin Beavers (OVR 52 - POT 76)
  • Attillo Morosoli (OVR 51 - POT 75)
  • Felipe Valencia (OVR 50 - POT 75)
  • Andreas Brinzea (OVR 48 - POT 72)

Luke Harris (OVR 61 - POT 84)

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Luke Harris made headlines with an 11-minute hat-trick for Fulham U-23s. Now on the main team, he has huge potential.

A five-point upgrade from FIFA 22 puts him in a good spot to invest in, and with a potential of 84 OVR, he could even contend with the best.

Fabio Chiarodia (OVR 60 - POT 83)

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Fabio Chiarodia may be one of the youngest on this list, at only 17, but has already represented Italy internationally at youth level.

His 83 OVR potential is impressive for a player so early in their career.

Alfie Devine (60 OVR - POT 83)

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Making his under-23 debut at only 15, Alfie Devine has been impressive for a number of years. Now 18, he is a midfielder for Spurs.

Also with 83 OVR potential, he is a great bargain pickup for Career Mode.

Jonathan Riquelme (OVR 60 - POT 83)

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Jonathan Riquelme is a much lesser known player that your opponents will never see coming.

His potential can compete with the highest on this list though, and is a great pick for your squad.

Arnaud Dony (OVR 59 - POT ??)

Arnaud Dony
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This Belgian left-back has represented the Belgian U-16 and U-18 teams and is now a hidden gem to represent your squad in Career Mode.

Arnaud Dony has a great pace stat for his overall rating, and can definitely be put to good use in the defence.

Ashley Phillips (OVR 59 - POT 82)

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Ashley Philips is a young CB that has already seen interest from Tottenham Hotspur during his time at Blackburn Rovers.

With a potential of 82 OVR, he is certainly not to be slept on.

Ben Chrisene (OVR 58 - POT 81)

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With 16 appearances for England National youth teams, Ben Chrisene is in high demand.

Currently in the SPL on loan from Aston Villa, he has a potential to hit 81 OVR.

Guillaume Restes (OVR 58 - POT 81)

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One of only 2 keepers on this list, Guillaume Restes is a perfect choice to man the goaline without reaching for the big bucks.

The French keeper also boasts a potential of 81 OVR, so will grow into the role perfectly.

Darko Gyabi (OVR 57 - POT 80)

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After an impressive performance for Leeds United U-21s only a few days ago, it's no surprise that Gyabi finds himself on the Hidden Gems list.

With the potential to rise by 23 points, this young star can grow into a force to be reckoned with in the midfield.

Josh Feeney (OVR 55 - POT 80)

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Having already captained England at youth level, Josh Feeney may just be the anchor you need in the back line.

Having just signed his first pro contract with Aston Villa, expect him to grow into a fantastic player in no time.

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