FIFA 23 Attacking: BRAND NEW shot types arriving in this year's game

FIFA 23 is just around the corner, with a ton of major details being revealed in the latest gameplay trailer.

Check below for everything you need to know about attacking and shooting overhauls in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Attacking

EA has announced some brand new gameplay changes arriving in FIFA 23, with new shots types one of the standout features.

Some of the main new features announced include:

  • Reworked Semi Assisted Shooting
  • Aiming closer and inside the goal is rewarded with greatly improved accuracy, while aiming far away will result in missing the net completely
  • Accuracy is based on how well you aim, and can be as high as double the accuracy of an Assisted Shot in the same position.
  • Low Shots - These shots will only occur when the player requests a low powered shot.
  • The previous command for Low Driven Shots is no longer available, as it is now used to request Power Shots.
  • Outside Of The Foot on Demand - Outside Of The Foot shots can now be requested using the L2 || LT button.
  • Shared with the Flair Shots, the addition of the Outside of the Foot shots increases the likelihood of a special animation happening.
  • Shooting Variety - Dipping shots, downward shots, side foot shots, sliding shots and bouncing shots are more commonly appearing in FIFA 23.
  • Refreshed Diving Headers - new Diving Header animations have been added.
  • NEW volleys, with dozens of new animations, including new acrobatic shots
  • Added high power Outside Of The Foots and lace shots while jogging.

Shooting was a key focus in a new patch update for FIFA 22, and we aren't surprised to see many of these new features arrive for FIFA 23.

Composed Ball Striking

Composed Ball Striking enables players to transition more smoothly in certain shooting situations that require the ball to be controlled first.

The new animations that result in the Composed Ball Strike system are enabled by EA's Advanced Match Capture and is powered by HyperMotion2.


More pass types will be available in FIFA 23, with the most significant new detials listed below:

  • Competitive Passing
  • Semi Assisted Through Passes
  • Semi Assisted Lobbed Through Passes
  • Semi Assisted Lobs
  • Pass Receiver Lock Setting: Power Up - This is a new setting that will select the pass receiver when the pass button is released or when the power bar reaches full power.
  • Extended Crossing Zone - Expanded the regular crossing zone to allow for crosses at the top of the box.
  • Outside Of The Foot Passes on Demand
  • Goalkeeper Passing with Feet

FIFA 23 Skill Moves

Four new Skill Moves and three new Fake Shots have been added to FIFA 23.

a new explosive Fake Shot has been added, that can be used by players like Mbappé with at least 4 Star Skill Moves.

Left-footed Skill Moves have also been added into the game.

Attacking Positioning

Brand new features have been added to improve attacking in FIFA 23, with a number of positional changes assisting your flowing moves.

These include:

  • Double Teammate Support
  • Better Offside Awareness
  • More Separation Runs
  • Updated Tactical A.I - This update prevents players from being stationary for too long, adding more variety to player movement and match flow.

Enhanced Ball Control

Controlling the ball is a vital part of the game, so this year brand new mechanics have been made to maintain the fluidity of play:

  • Step-Ins - Stronger players in control of the ball can now step into the defender’s way and generate a bigger displacement when contacting weaker players.
  • Shield Pushback - While shielding the ball, holding the Left Stick backwards will make your player attempt to push the player behind them with their body.
  • Consistent Slide Traps - Revamp of the system with dozens of new animations, used mainly to prevent the ball from going out of play.

Hundreds of new animations have also been added across these brand new attacking features for FIFA 23.

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