FIFA 23 Abraham RTTF SBC Cheapest Solution

abraham rttf sbc fifa 23

abraham rttf sbc fifa 23

The Team of the Season Warm Up Series has begun in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, letting us stock up on packs for the main event, but also bringing us a stunning new card!

With Roma in the Europa League Semi-Finals, it's only fair they have some representation with a Road to the Final card.

Check out Tammy Abraham's insane Road to the Final card and find out the cheapest way to unlock his SBC in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team below.

Tammy Abraham RTTF (OVR 92)

abraham rttf fifa 23
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Start Date: Friday, 21 April

Expiry Date: Friday, 28 April

SBC Requirements

You will only need to submit one squad to unlock the 92-rated player, with the requirements as follows:

Goncalo Guedes

  • Minimum one Serie A player
  • Minimum 87 Squad Rating

Reward - 1 x RTTF Tammy Abraham

Estimated Cost - 188,400 coins


You can use the following players to complete the Tammy Abraham RTTF SBC:

abraham rttf sbc solution fifa 23
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TOTS Warm Up Series

The latest campaign in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is the Team of the Season Warm Up Series, and although it hasn't brought new special cards to packs, it will be a top promo!

This is because there will be plenty of SBCs and Objectives to work through to earn various pack rewards, helping you prep for the main Team of the Season event.

There is already loads of content to work through, and this will only be added to with more SBCs over the coming week.

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