FIFA 23 82+ x20 Upgrade SBC Cheapest Solutions

fifa 23 82+ x20 upgrade sbc

fifa 23 82+ x20 upgrade sbc

An 82+ x20 Upgrade Squad Building Challenge has been released in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

It's a top pack that you can open now to help complete further SBCs during the FUT Ballers promo, or save for upcoming events such as FUT Birthday and Trophy Titans!

Find out the best way to complete the SBC so you can hopefully bring in some top players to your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

82+ x20 Upgrade

You have a week to complete the 82+ x20 Upgrade SBC, so make the most of it while you can!

Start Date: Friday, 17 March

Expiry Date: Friday, 24 March

How to Complete

To earn a Pack containing 20 players rated 82 OVR or higher you will need to complete two challenges.

You can complete the SBC twice every 24 hours, with it refreshing at 1pm ET / 6pm GMT giving you the chance to complete it 14 times before it expires.

The requirements are as follows:

83-Rated Squad

  • Minimum one two 85+ OVR players
  • Minimum 83 Squad Rating

Reward - 1 x Mixed Players Pack

84-Rated Squad

  • Minimum one TOTW player
  • Minimum 84 Squad Rating

Reward - 1 x Premium Electrum Players Pack

Estimated Cost - 113,550 coins


You can use the following players to complete the 82+ x20 Upgrade SBCs:

83-Rated Squad

82+ x20 upgrade sbc solution 83-rated squad
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84-Rated Squad

82+ x20 upgrade sbc solution 84-rated squad
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This is just one of many solutions that can be found by using the easySBC AI. To get your own solution, go try it out at

FUT Ballers

The FUT Ballers promo is a brand new event in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Unusually, there aren't any promo players in packs, but there is an intriguing new way to get special cards for your squad.

fut ballers fifa 23
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FUT Ballers players will initially be released via daily SBCs, then, you can gain an upgraded version of that player via objectives by using that player for a specific task.

It's a great concept and shows that EA can still introduce exciting new ideas to their most popular game mode.

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