FIFA 22 Winter Wildcard Predictions: Neymar expected alongside new Swaps

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We are edging closer to Christmas which means one thing in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, a massive winter promo!

The FUT Versus promo has not quite lived up to expectations despite having so much potential, so we have high hopes for the Winter Wildcard event this week.

Winter Wildcard looks set to begin this week and it is rumoured to be a position change event, much like the FUT Freeze we saw last season, but with an added bonus of Swaps!

Latest news - More Swaps inbound

According to various sources, the Winter Wildcards event will provide more than just a squad of special cards and daily SBCs.

This winter we may have Winter Wildcards Swaps joining the Icon Swaps in the objectives section of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

More swap tokens mean more opportunities to strengthen your club, and with Team of the Year right around the corner, it is a great time to save some high-value packs too!

Read all about Winter Wildcards Swaps here.

Winter Wildcard

The Winter Wildcard has now been confirmed by EA as the next promo coming to Ultimate Team once the Versus event has finished.

There have been more leaks once again this week, and it looks as though we will be seeing player position changes over the next couple of weeks.

fifa 22 winter wildcards
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COMING SOON - The Winter Wildcards event has been confirmed

As well as a nice boost to their cards, players will also be seen in unfamiliar positions, with upgrades to their ratings to match the new role.

The new promo is set to come to FUT this Friday, 17 December, and like with nearly all other promos, we expect it to go live at 1pm ET / 6pm GMT, with players available in packs, new objectives, and SBCs released simultaneously.

Donny van de LEAK

It's happened again! The full promo squad has been revealed way ahead of release in FUT 22.

Last week saw the FUT Versus Team revealed online, and now the Winter Wildcard players have been shared by various sources.

French stars Kingsley Coman and Paul Pogba could be epic inclusions, especially if Coman receives a position change to a striker!

We were expecting Neymar to feature in a central role, and he looks set to be released as a striker too.


fifa 22 winter wildcard predictions neymar
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SUPERSTAR - Will this be the top card this week

It wouldn't be a season in Ultimate Team without a Neymar special card in a central position, so this seems like the perfect time to introduce him to the game.

It is said that a high-profile Brazilian player will feature this week too, so Neymar is the prime candidate.

Paul Pogba

fifa 22 winter wildcard predictions pogba
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DREAM - Pogba possesses incredible physical attributes

This could be one of the most popular CM cards around if Paul Pogba makes the Winter Wildcard squad this week.

The French star will still be great on the ball and should become a new member of the Gullit Gang with all his base stats above 80.

Kingsley Coman

fifa 22 winter wildcard predictions coman
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EPIC - What a card this will be in FUT 22

This card will be epic. Unless you are playing against it, then it will be a nightmare.

Kingsley Coman is said to be shifting into a striker role, and with his pace and dribbling he is sure to be a hit among FUT fans.


fifa 22 winter wildcard predictions fabinho
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POWERHOUSE - We would use Fabinho as a target man

It makes more sense for this card to be Roberto Firmino than Fabinho, but this is what has been leaked so far.

Fabinho is physically imposing at 6'2" and could become a deadly striker in this event.

Sergej Milinkovic-Savic

fifa 22 winter wildcard predictions milinkovic-savic
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NOT QUITE - SMS will narrowly miss out on joining the Gullit Gang

If you have used Sergej Milinkovic-Savic then you will already know how good he is, and he could be about to get even better.

Excellent on the ball and with deadly long shots, SMS could be one of the bargain buys in this event.

Wilfried Zaha

fifa 22 winter wildcard predictions zaha
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FIVE STAR - Zaha is said to boast five-star skill moves and weak foot

Crystal Palace talisman Wilfried Zaha is said to be the first SBC player to be released in the Winter Wildcards event.

This looks set to be a tasty card with five-star skill moves and weak foot, we just hope the SBC is reasonably priced!

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