FIFA 22 Versus: How does the new Freeze promo work in Ultimate Team?

We now have confirmation that a brand new promo is on its way in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team!

We were expecting EA to release the FUT Freeze promo for another year, but it looks like it will be called 'FUT Versus' this season instead.

So, find out how the FUT Versus event will work in FUT 22 below.

What is the Versus promo?

The latest FUT 22 loading screen has revealed the next promo arriving in Ultimate Team.

fut freeze loading screen fifa 22
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BRAND NEW - The 'Versus' concept is new to FIFA 22!

It looks like this year's promo could be called 'Versus', with a 'Fire v Ice' concept incorporating the Freeze element of the event.

We aren't 100% sure what the 'Versus' means yet, but we've heard rumours that we will be picking between a certain SBC player's weak foot or skill moves boost.

Whatever the 'Versus' means, the card design is awesome!

When will the Versus promo arrive?

The Team of the Group Stage (TOTGS) promo is currently running in Ultimate Team but is set to finish very soon.

We now have confirmation that the new FUT Freeze/Versu promo will be arriving on Friday, 10 December.

The event will begin at approximately 1pm ET / 6pm GMT, like all other FUT releases, replacing the TOTGS cards in packs immediately.

So, it could be worth saving your Division Rivals and Fut Champions qualification packs for when the new promo starts, as all the new cards will have a high value at the time of release.

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