FIFA 22 85x10 SBC: How to unlock the BEST upgrade SBC

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The FIFA 22 cycle is drawing to a close, which means that Ultimate Team SBCs are getting better and better!

The 85+ x10 Upgrade SBC is one of the best we get in the game, so make sure you complete the repeatable challenge as often as possible.

Check out how to unlock the pack and discover the possible players you may get from it below.

85+ x 10 Upgrade SBC

Start Date: Monday, 8 August

Expiry Date: Sunday, 14 August

SBC Requirements

There is just one squad needed to submit to unlock the pack, with the requirements are as follows:

85+ x10 Upgrade

  • Minimum one TOTW or TOTS player
  • Minimum 87 Squad Rating
  • Minimum 55 Team Chemistry

Reward - 1 x 85+ x10 Rare Players Pack

Estimated Cost – 71.3k (PlayStation) / 72.8k (Xbox)

The SBC is repeatable once daily and will refresh at 1pm ET / 6pm BST until it expires, so make sure you keep completing it in order to get as many high-rated players as possible.

Player Pool

The 85+ x10 Rare Players Pack is already pretty great, but it gets even better because we are currently in the FUTTIES promo.

With the 'Best Of' Batch 3 now in packs, 200 re-released players are available to get, with very few 85+ Gold Rare players in the pool.

This means your chances of gaining boosted promo players are very high, with at least one Team of the Season card almost a guarantee from the pack.

You may need to squint a bit to see all the players there, but @Kimpembro on Twitter has assembled all 200 'Best Of' Batch 3 cards that are currently in packs and you are likely to pack.

Shapeshifters are some of the most powerful cards in the game, with 22 of them included, and there are also 90 TOTS versions!

Get ready to pack some unreal players while the SBC is live.

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