FIFA 22: TOTY Trial SBC offers chance to unlock a Team of the Year player for next to NOTHING

The Team of the Year promo is now in full swing in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team and the Squad Building Challenges are coming thick and fast!

EA has just dropped some HUGE new SBC that allows you to play with a Team of the Year card for almost nothing in FUT.

So, check out all the details on the SBCs including how to complete it right here.


The TOTY Trial SBC allows you to unlock a Team of the Year Player on a 10-match loan.

This means you can use the TOTY player for nine, yes NINE matches in FUT Champions or Divison Rivals and then you can use him for UNLIMITED matches in FUT Friendlies!

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LUCK OF THE DRAW - Which TOTY card will you pack in FIFA 22?

The SBC requirements are as follows:

  • Squad Rating: Min 83 
  • Team Chemistry: Min 75
  • # of players in the Squad: 11

Reward: TOTY Loan Pack containing 1 TOTY Player on a 10-match loan

So, unfortunately, you will not get to choose which TOTY card you unlock as it looks like it will be a randomised pack.

However, every single Team of the Year card will be ridiculously overpowered in-game, so even if you can fit him into your squad on seven chemistry he will be a BEAST.

12th Man vote now LIVE

The 12th Man, or 'TOTY Fan's Choice' vote has just gone live in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team!

We expect the 12th Man to be released alongside the full Ultimate XI on Friday, 28 January.

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CHOOSE WISELY - Who will you be picking for the final spot in the Ultimate XI?

The 12th Man vote will be split between the following three players:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Mohamed Salah
  • Karim Benzema

With it left up to a public vote again, it could be very likely that Salah will miss out on a TOTY inclusion, with many players picking CR7 instead as he would have a beast of a card.

How to vote for TOTY 12th Man

Voting for the Team of the Year 12th Man is very simple.

All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Launch FIFA 22.
  • Open Ultimate Team.
  • Try to open any pack from the Store (you will be prompted with a message saying you have unsigned items to deal with).
  • Once the Player Pick appears, select your pick from the three-man shortlist.

Once you've voted, you will also receive a one-game, loan version of your selection as a result of casting your vote that you can keep in your club to help you through any FUT Friendly challenges!

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