FIFA 22 TOTS: When will the Community TOTS be released in Ultimate Team?

The hotly anticipated Team of the Season (TOTS) promo is set to kick off soon in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, alongside the Icon Swaps 2 campaign.

The Community TOTS is usually the first squad to be released in FUT 22, but when will it arrive? Find out here.

What is the Community TOTS?

The Community Team of the Season is decided by the FIFA community.

You’ll be able to vote from a shortlist featuring the top performances around the world of football that have received a maximum of one performance-based special item in FUT 22.

COMING SOON - TAA is a shoo-in for the Premier League Team of the Season
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COMING SOON - TAA is a shoo-in for the Premier League Team of the Season

From that shortlist, you’ll be able to select 23 players with the following requirements:

  • Maximum of five players from the same league.
  • At least two goalkeepers.
  • At least six defenders.
  • At least six midfielders.
  • At least three forwards.

The 23 highest-vote recipients adhering to these balloting criteria will be released during the course of Community Team of the Season.

Community TOTS release date

FIFA 21's TOTS campaign started on Friday, 23 April with the Community TOTS squad and EFL TOTS squad released first.

The official FIFA 22 Team of the Season start date has not yet been confirmed by EA, but it looks like we now know when the campaign will begin.

The reliable FutArcade has revealed that EA will kick off the FIFA 22 TOTS promo on Friday, 29 April 2022, and we can once again expect the Community TOTS to be the first released.

The first TOTS squads will be made available in packs at approximately 1pm ET / 6pm GMT on the day of release.

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