FIFA 22 TOTS: How to get LOADS of Team of the Season cards with ease in FUT

The fan favourite FUT Birthday promo is set to hit FIFA 22 Ultimate Team soon, alongside the Icon Swaps 2 campaign.

However, we're looking beyond the current event and taking a look at the most hotly anticipated event in FUT 22... Team of the Season (TOTS).

We've discovered a method that allows you to get LOADS of Team of the Season cards very easily in FIFA 22.

TOTS Start Date

The official FIFA 22 Team of the Season start date has not yet been confirmed by EA, but judging off last year's promo, we can have a pretty accurate guess as to when the campaign will begin.

FIFA 21's TOTS campaign started on Friday, 23 April with the Community TOTS squad and EFL TOTS squad released.

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ULTIMATE TOTS - The very best cards will be included in the Ultimate XI

So, EA could kick off the FIFA 22 TOTS promo on Friday, 22 April 2022.

The first TOTS squads will be released into packs at approximately 1pm ET / 6pm GMT on the day of release.

How to get LOADS of TOTS cards

As soon as the Team of the Season promo kicks off, all Team of the Week (TOTW) reward packs that contain 'current' TOTW players will include TOTS cards.

So, this presents a great opportunity for you to get loads of TOTS players into the club and have a good chance at packing a top-tier one.

At the very least, you will pack average TOTS cards that can be sold for a LOT of coins on the transfer market.

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COMING SOON - The Team of the Season promo is coming over the horizon

All you need to do is get to Rank VI in Fut Champions and you can save a TOTW Three Players pack every single week.

This means if you start saving one TOTW pack every week until TOTS you can save eight packs, or in other words, 24 TOTS players!

You may also want to save your packs beyond the start of Team of the Season and wait until some of the best TOTS squads are released.

Check out the TOTS squads that we expect to see released in FUT 22 below.

Expected TOTS Squads

Looking at years gone by in FUT, we can predict which squads are expected to feature.

The following squads will likely be released as part of the FIFA 22 Team of the Season promo:

  • Community TOTS
  • Premier League TOTS
  • La Liga TOTS
  • Bundesliga TOTS
  • Serie A TOTS
  • Ligue 1 TOTS
  • Ultimate TOTS
  • Saudi League TOTS
  • Super Lig TOTS
  • Liga NOS TOTS
  • Eredivisie TOTS

You can expect some of these squads to be released into packs at the same time.

For example, in FIFA 21 the Premier League and Saudi League TOTS players were made available in packs during the same week.

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