FIFA 22 Summer Transfers Predictions: More MASSIVE ratings on the way

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The FUTTIES promo will soon come to an end in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, with the 'Best Of' Batch 3 now in packs and signalling the close of the five-week event.

New transfer cards are leaked to have been added to the game, with a potential Summer Transfers promo on the way.

Check out our predictions for players that could be included in this event below.

Summer Transfers

With nothing officially announced, we can only speculate on what a Summer Transfers promo in FIFA 22 could contain.

Regular leaker Fut Sheriff announced that new transfers cards had been added, suggesting that some of them will come via SBC.

That means we could see others arrive as Objectives players, and possibly in packs.

The players selected will obviously relate to the real-world transfers we have seen over the past few weeks, giving big card boosts and updating their team to create new links to mess around with.

We're not sure if this will be a full-blown promo, or just bringing new cards to the game through SBCs, but we're excited to see what EA has in store!

Release Date

The FUTTIES promo is set to end on Friday, 19 August at 1pm ET / 6pm BST, when the 'Best Of' Batch 3 cards will rotate out of packs.

We were expecting the FUT 23 Pre-Season event to take its place, however, there is a week or two to play with that could fit a Summer Transfers promo.

With nothing officially announced and no further leaks, we will have to wait for some more concrete information to come our way.

Player Predictions

Luckily, player predictions for this potential event are made easier thanks to the selection being taken from real-world transfers.

With that in mind, here are some players that could gain a massive boost for some OP endgame cards in FUT 22.

Erling Haaland (OVR 99)

Possibly the biggest transfer of the window, Erling Haaland is already off the marks at Manchester City and will look to maintain his incredible goals to games ratio.

An upgrade on his Team of the Year version could even give us another 99 OVR card!

Darwin Nunez (OVR 97)

Whilst we're in the Premier League, Liverpool's bumper signing could also gain an upgrade on his TOTY version.

Darwin Nunez has excited fans since his arrival, however, a rush of blood to the head made him see red and now he will be out for a few games.

Sadio Mane (OVR 98)

Leaving Liverpool for German giants Bayern Munich, Sadio Mane missed out on an End of an Era version, so could a massive Summer Transfers boost be coming?

Robert Lewandowski (OVR 99)

Another who missed out on an EOAE card after leaving Bayern Munich is Robert Lewandowski, who will be hoping to help Barcelona out of their rut.

His highest card rating currently is a 98 OVR Team of the Year version, so another 99-rated player may come to the game.

Franck Kessie (OVR 95)

Joining Lewa at Barca is Franck Kessie, who could prove a very popular player for an upgrade after his Flashback version was a hit with fans.

Antonio Rudiger (OVR 95)

Antonio Rudiger could be another popular choice with the community, as he hasn't received a truly elite card this campaign.

His summer move to Real Madrid could give EA a chance to change that, possibly giving us the best La Liga defender in the game at the same time.

Renato Sanches (OVR 96)

If you're looking for fan-favourite cards that could do with an upgrade, look no further than Renato Sanches.

A late-game stats boost could prove insane, not to mention the strong links he will provide with PSG players.

Gabriel Jesus (OVR 97)

Making the switch from Manchester City to Arsenal, Gabriel Jesus has hit the ground running, with an amazing pre-season continuing into top league form.

His last upgraded card was during the FUT Versus event, where he gained two 89 OVR versions, so another boost is sorely needed.

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