7 things we want to see from FIFA 22 Pro Clubs

FIFA 21 still has plenty left to give, with the Team of the Season (TOTS) promo dropping this week!

However, FIFA 22 is on the horizon, so we're bringing you 7 things that we would love to see in Pro Clubs.

Keep reading to find out the features EA must add to ensure Pro Clubs stays as the best game mode in FIFA.

Training Drills

Something we've all been needing is a good way to warm before our games, and what better way to do this than by taking part in some drills!

fifa 21 training drills
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SET PIECE SPECIALISTS: Practicing with Pro Clubs teammates on the training ground would be an awesome addition

Here you would be able to train set-piece moves with your team for corners, free kicks and lots of other in-game scenarios.

Or you could take your teammates on in mini 2v2 matches to bring a competitive element into your training.

Skill-games already exist for multiplayer, so if EA could adjust the drills a little we could have some active and fun ways to warm up before league matches in FIFA 22.

In-Game Leagues

EA adding leagues directly in the game would be massively beneficial for competitive play.

It would be nice to see a league table and player/club statistics directly in the game, without having to go to an external website.

The league table would need to be updated with the scorelines automatically after the game has ended.

You would also be able to invite your opponent much easier and faster since you'd simply have to go to the league schedule and press the invite button.

In-Game Substitutions

In-game substitutions would mean the ability for people to be able to join a match whilst the game has already kicked off.

pro clubs fifa 21
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TACTICIAN: The introduction of substitutions would be a welcome change in Pro Clubs

So often one player in a team is slightly late for the start of a game and has to sit for 15 minutes waiting for the game to be over.

With the addition of this feature, you would be able to join the bench and spectate the game like you do when you are sent off.

The captain would then be able to sub off a CPU player and you could join the action mid-game.

Group Celebrations

The addition of custom group celebrations would make Pro Clubs more enjoyable.

FIFA 21's goal celebrations left players running around in circles next to each other and then performing their own individual celebration.

Custom group celebrations could also include the assist provider and the goalscorer having some sort of interaction - which is the case so often in real-life football.

Volta in Pro Clubs

EA should have implemented Volta into FIFA via Pro Clubs from the very start.

fifa 21 volta
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ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: The combination of Volta with Pro Clubs would revolutionise both game modes

Adding Volta into Pro Clubs in FIFA 22 would open the door for both game modes to reach their full potential.

Players would be able to customise their look, as is available in Volta and play with teammates in Volta online leagues, as part of Pro Clubs.


All Pro Clubs players would agree that the ability to reconnect to the game after being kicked out for no reason whatsoever would be a welcome change.

The game knows that your exact Pro is still playing in the match, controlled temporarily by the CPU, so why not jump back in and take control again?

In competitive Pro Clubs, it can be so frustrating having to restart a game because one out of the 22 players lagged out.

More Customisation Options

This is something that the whole of the Pro CLubs community has been crying out for for years.

fifa 21 pro clubs
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SAME OLD STYLES: Pro Clubs fans want to see FIFA 22 bring us more customisation options

We've already seen the introduction of customisable stadiums in Ultimate Team, which could be easily transferred over to Pro Clubs.

We've also seen some crazy and innovative hairstyles in The Journey and Volta, but Pro Clubs seems to have the exact same hairstyles every single year.

As mentioned earlier, combining Volta with Pro Clubs would allow for more clothing customisation as well.

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