5 new features we want to see added to FIFA 22 Pro Clubs

Pro Clubs is one of the most sociable game modes in FIFA, but what will be different in FIFA 22?

There will be several new features, especially on next-gen consoles that could make the game awesome this season.

Take a look at five things we want to see arrive.

Reveal coming soon

All we know about Pro Clubs in FIFA 22 so far is what EA has stated on its website.

"With new customisation options to make your club stand out in the stands and on the pitch, a new player growth system that puts you in control of your Virtual Pro’s development, and streamlined social play that makes it easier than ever to find your next game, it’s time to get the squad together for a new season of Pro Clubs."
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EARLY SHOW - It looks like female avatars are coming this season

We don't know what any of this will look like in practice, but we can't wait to find out with a full Pro Clubs reveal coming soon, likely next month.

While we wait for official word, we want to see these five things arrive.

Cross-platform play

This looks unlikely with EA's focus on next-gen consoles, but we want cross-platform play across the board in FIFA 22 and not just Pro Clubs.

Next-gen players currently have to play the current-gen versions of the game just to play with their friends.

This means missing out on the controller haptics and various other new features that players would otherwise enjoy on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Fingers crossed we don't have to miss out on these features next season!

Custom creator

We saw more levels of customisation added last year, and we aren't asking for much more.

However, it is about time that we can choose between male and female characters in Pro Clubs.

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SHAPE UP - Make your look stand out in FIFA 22

Football is a game for everyone, so we should be able to create our avatar's how we want, just like in VOLTA.

We can see this new feature happening this season, so over to you EA.


Anyone who played Pro Clubs last year will know how the player growth stagnates after just a handful of games.

You quickly fly up the ratings, but then peak early and remain almost the same for the duration of the season.

Is there a way to add ratings to the matchmaking? If so, the ratings could start lower and allowing more time for growth.

Alternatively, the development tree could have more options and allow further attributes to be assigned.


There is always one player in every team with terrible wifi who gets kicked from every game (you know who you are).

Surely these poor souls can be added back into the game though, right?

fifa 21 career mode match screen
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MATCH SIM - Surely we are past the generic match screen

Wrong. So far they just have to wait until the game is ended which for all involved can be a bit of a nuisance.

We want this rectified in FIFA 22 though and we hope our beloved friends with terrible wifi can jump back in the game once their connection is fixed.

Viewing party

Along a similar theme to the subs, it would be great if your teammates can watch the game if they are not taking part.

There are ways to do this manually, but a simple on-screen version in the game would be preferred.

If disconnected players cannot join back in, then this is a second-best option.

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