FIFA 22 Prime Gold Players Pack: Cost and Probabilities

Rewards for both Division Rivals and Squad Battles are released weekly in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, so you best know what each pack reward contains.

This is especially important for the Division Rivals rewards as you will need to select which set of rewards you want to receive.

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Take a look below at what you will likely find in a Prime Gold Players Pack below and how much one will cost you from the store.


Prime Gold Players Packs are one of the more common packs in the promo section of the store and you can see the price of them below.

The value equates to roughly £6 per pack in real money and compared to a Jumbo Gold Pack the FIFA Points to coin ratio is much better value.

  • 45,000 coins
  • 600 FIFA Points


There are 12 items in the Prime Gold Players Pack and as it says on the tin it contains only players.

You will find that half of the players inside are Rare cards, so the split is 50/50.

Take a look at the exact contents below.

  • 12 Items
  • 6 Rares
  • 12 Gold


All player packs are always a bit more expensive, but they can be worth it if your luck is in!

It is guaranteed that all the players inside will be 75+ rated Gold players, and chances are you'll pack a couple better ones too.

  • Gold 75+ Player - 100%
  • Gold 82+ Player - 80%
  • Gold 87+ Player - 4.3%
  • Special Player - 1.8%
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