FIFA 22: Michail Antonio SBC Review – Chemistry styles crucial

The Fantasy FUT promo is set to enter its second week in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and we have already seen loads of top-class SBCs released.

West Ham striker Michail Antonio is one of the players added to the roster in the past few days, and his card looks to be great value!

With a potential +3 upgrade available, we put Antonio through his pace in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team to see if he is worth adding to your squad.

Michail Antonio Fantasy FUT SBC

The Antonio SBC expires on Tuesday, 29 March, so there is still plenty of time to unlock him for your club.

Find out how to unlock the Michail Antonio SBC.

First Impressions

We began playing with the new Antonio card without a chemistry style, and it was blindingly obvious he needed one.

All our suspicions were accurate as he felt a bit clunky, clumsy on the ball, and slightly slow off the mark.

However, that all changed once we applied the Engine chemistry style, which improves Pace, Passing, and Dribbling.

The extra acceleration was noticeable instantly, while the extra +5 on both Short Passing and Long Passing helped to link the attacks.

Deep Dive

Antonio’s Fantasy FUT item is in the top three Premier League strikers in terms of in-game stats, bettered only by Team of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo and FUT Birthday Roberto Firmino.

This highlights just how good Antonio is, and his physical attributes are just incredible!

fifa 22 antonio sbc stats
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BEAST MODE - Good luck stopping this guy in FUT 22

99 Jumping and 96 Strength make him a handful for any defender, and when you add in his 97 Pace (with Engine chemistry style), he is a machine.

Base stats of 94 Finishing and 95 Positioning mean his shooting attributes don’t need any extra help, although we will note that his 3-star Weak Foot is a hinderance.

Key Attributes:

  • 99 Jumping
  • 97 Sprint Speed
  • 96 Strength

RealSport Rating: 8/10


We aren’t convinced that Antonio will be an end-game striker, but if he receives the maximum +3 upgrades then he could well be!

We feel that Antonio will be most effective in a strike pairing, or as the right-sided CAM in a 4-2-3-1 as it feels like he does need support to thrive.

His pace and power in-game are astonishing and verges on being unstoppable, so we really hope West Ham get the job done over their next five games!

Overall, this SBC is such good value that you would be a fool not to unlock it and add this card to your club.

*Reviewed on PS5 by RealSport101 Sports Editor, Michael Wicherek.

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