FIFA 22: Your chance to be a World Record holder is NOW

FIFA 22 is drawing to the end of its cycle, and whether you are playing your 100th season in Career Mode or have already assembled your ULTIMATE Ultimate Team, you might be looking for a different challenge.

Well, we've got just the thing for you to see off FIFA 22 in style!

How does becoming a Guinness World Record holder sound? Read on to find out how.

Marathon Man

We've all racked up an obscene amount of playtime on FIFA games already, but that is usually done in chunks of minutes and hours.

If you want to go that extra mile, try playing it non-stop for a couple of days!

That is exactly what David Whitefoot from Benson, Oxfordshire, did to gain the Guinness World Record for 'Longest videogame marathon playing games in the FIFA series'.

FIFA 22 Kante
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SUPER STAMINA - Take inspiration from Kante and never run out of steam

He set himself the challenge as a way to raise money for a local hospital, although it was initially only going to be for 48 hours.

Upon learning that the then-current World Record was 48 hours and 49 minutes, he added a couple more hours to his plan.

Between Friday, 4 March, and Sunday, 6 March 2022, David Whitefoot beat the record, stopping at 50 hours on the dot, and only pausing for the occasional comfort break!

Triple Threat

Whitefoot didn't just get the one World Record that day - he got three!

It was actually a very easy two (well, three) birds with one stone moment, with him also gaining the records for 'Longest videogame marathon playing a football (soccer) game' and 'Longest videogame marathon playing a sports game'.

So, if one World Record was tempting you, how about two at the same time?

No Pain, No Gain

Christopher Cook, the previous record holder, managed 48 hours, 49 minutes, and 41 seconds, and towards the end of his session, he lost the feeling in his hands!

"[I] got to the point that my hands needed to be dipped in ice after every game", said Cook.

FIFA 22 Foul
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INJURY PRONE - Picking up a knock won't just happen in-game

That's right, it isn't just staying awake for hours on end that can push you to the limit, there is the physical strain of repetitive action too.

Luckily, being good at the game isn't a requirement for breaking the record, and at one point Cook only won a single game in 17 hours!

If you think you've got what it takes to break the World Record, then head to and sign up for the challenge.

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