FIFA 22 Live Tuning Update #3: Goalies improve with long shots now VERY hard to score

The latest FIFA 22 live tuning update has just gone live ahead of the start of the Team of the Year (TOTY) promo in Ultimate Team.

So, check out all the details on the latest gameplay changes and how they could affect your style of play in FIFA 22 right here.

Live Tuning Update #3

Live Tuning Update #3 focuses purely on goalkeeper ability in FIFA 22.

The following Live Tuning gameplay changes have now gone live:

  • Reduce goalkeeper effectiveness in one on one situations from close range (6.1 meters/20 feet or less).
    • Goalkeepers could make quick reflex saves too often.
  • Increase goalkeeper effectiveness vs. distance shots (9.8 meters/32 feet to 11.2 meters/37 feet).
    • The goalkeeper could sometimes let in “reachable” shots from distance.
    • Shots from this range still have a chance to score, but goalkeepers will now make more saves from this range.

Live Tuning Update #3 is now available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC (Origin/Steam), and Stadia versions of FIFA 22.

Clinical Finisher

Reducing goalkeeper effectiveness in 1v1 situations will come as a welcome change to the vast majority of the FIFA community.

On too many occasions have we seen an expected goals number that is way higher than our actual goal tally!

fifa 22 expected goals xg
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For some strange reason, EA decided to make the 'keepers incredible from close range in FIFA 22 and seem to pull off worldie 1v1 saves every single match.

We seem to have become accustomed to this and have found ways around the incredible 'keeping by using green-timed finishes or ball-rolling around the goalie and tapping home into an empty net.

Reducing goalkeeper ability from close range was a change that was a long-time coming, and could make for more free-scoring, open and exciting matches, rather than your typical cagy Weekend League affair.

Long Range Specialist

EA has not only reduced goalkeeper effectiveness in 1v1 situations but increased goalkeeper effectiveness against shots from long range.

fifa 22 donnaruma
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To be precise, goalkeeper effectiveness has been improved vs shots taken from 9.8 meters/32 feet to 11.2 meters/37 feet.

EA stated that this change has been made as the goalkeepers could sometimes let in “reachable” shots from distance.

Though this may be true, making goals from range harder to score takes away a certain aspect of fun during the game.

A long-range finesse goal is one of the most satisfying to score in FIFA 22, and taking this away from the game gives it a less 'arcadey' feel.

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