FIFA 22: New Inaki Williams RECORD BREAKERS SBC now available in FUT 22

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There is a new Record Breaker SBC out now in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Inaki Williams has received a brand-new card with a rating of 84 OVR.

Take a look at the new card and how to unlock it below.

Inaki Williams (OVR 84)

Start Date: Tuesday, 19 October

Expiry Date: Monday, 25 October

SBC Requirements

There are 7 different squads needed to unlock the new card.

The requirements are as follows:

Gold Squad

  • Minimum 11 Gold Players
  • Minimum 30 Team Rating

1 x Two Players Pack

Rare Gold Squad

  • Minimum Gold Players
  • Minimum 11 Rare Players
  • Minimum 30 Team Chemistry

1 x Two Players Pack

El Leon Inquebrantable

  • Minimum one Athletic Club player
  • Minimum 81 Team Rating
  • Minimum 80 Team Chemistry

1 x Small Prime Mixed Players Pack

La Furia Roja

  • Minimum one Spain player
  • Minimum 82 Team Rating
  • Minimum 75 Team Chemistry

1 x Small Gold Players Pack


  • Minimum one LaLiga Santander player
  • Minimum 83 Team Rating
  • Minimum 70 Team Chemistry

1 x Premium Mixed Players Pack

Top Form

  • Minimum one Team of the Week player
  • Minimum 84 Team Rating
  • Minimum 65 Team Chemistry

1 x Small Rare Mixed Players Pack

85-Rated Squad

  • Minimum one Team of the Week player
  • Minimum 85 Team Rating
  • Minimum 60 Team Chemistry

1 x Small Prime Gold Players Pack

Estimated Cost – 132,500

Worth it?

The new Inaki Williams card will be very popular upon first look, with 96 PAC and 84 PHY.

A powerful and pacey forward, who is great at shooting and dribbling, as well as bringing others into play with his passing.

What you need to ask yourself though, is why should I be using 130,000 coins to get an 84 OVR rated card?

You can get his standard 81 OVR card for 1,200 coins, and if we're honest it isn't that much worse than Record Breaker's one.

If you're a completionist, then go for it, but otherwise, we don't think it's worth it.

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