FIFA 22: FREE Player Pick arrives as compensation for Year in Review mishap

Last week, EA released a Year in Review SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team offering players the opportunity to add an expired SBC player to their club.

This was a great SBC with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Mohamed Salah among the players in the selection pool.

However, a blunder by EA saw an item available that should not have been, and now we have player picks!

Year in Review

It's always annoying when you miss out on completing an SBC, then regret not getting that player for the rest of the FIFA cycle.

EA has come up with a plan to help, and, with the right pack luck, you can unlock some of the top players from the past.

The SBC could offer you some insane options, and in Milestones, there are objectives to complete to grant you a pack containing a player from three massive promos.

fifa 22 year in review sbc picks
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CHOICE IS YOURS - Who will you pick in your choice of three

At certain milestones, you will receive a pack containing one player from either the Rulebreakers, Signature Signings, or Winter Wildcards promo.

This is a great opportunity to add players you missed out on to your club, so get grinding!

Take a closer look at the Year in Review SBC and Objectives requirements.

Player Picks for all

Originally we thought it was going to be just those who were offered Odsonne Edouard as one of their choices that were gifted another pick as compensation.

FIFAUTeam though tweeted the following, suggesting that EVERYONE who completed the challenge will be compensated.

"Those of you who have completed the 'Year in Review SBC', should have a new PP waiting for you on the FUT store. This is compensation due to this SBC incorrectly containing the RB Edouard Player item as a potential Player Pick."

Keep an eye out in your store for a free player pick, although you might have to wait until the current maintenance period is over.

Wait and see

The tweet from FIFAUTeam is contrary to what FIFA Direct Communication had already stated.

A previous tweet read, "Players who had Edouard show up as one of their options will receive a replacement Player Pick with the correct Player Item pool in the coming days."

However, the latest tweet mentions impacted players, which realistically is everyone who completed the challenge as Edouard will have offset the probabilities, no matter how marginally.

Let's hope for some luck with the next player picks!

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