FIFA 22 Fantasy FUT Countdown: Premier League DOMINATES insane squad

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The Fantasy FUT promo has finally arrived in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, with the Team 1 cards available in packs right now, alongside the Icon Swaps 2 campaign.

Take a look at the Fantasy FUT Team 1 squad and their ratings right here.

Latest - Team 1 out NOW

EA has just revealed the FUT Fantasy Team 1 squad, with the new set of promo cards now available in packs.

Some incredible cards have been included in Team 1 and of course, they all have the potential for further upgrades too.

Manchester United star Marcus Rashford headlines the squad with an incredible 93 OVR card that boasts 97 pace, 92 shooting and 90 dribbling.

Fellow five-star skiller and Premier League footballer Allan Saint-Maximin has also been given an outrageous upgrade, with a 92 OVR striker card that provides great French links.

The likes of Lukas Klostermann, John Stones and Donny Van De Beek have been given giant upgrades too.

Key Dates

EA kicked off the Fantasy FUT promo on Friday, 18 March.

The new set of cards replaced the FUT Birthday Team 2 players in packs at approximately 1pm ET / 6pm GMT on the day of release, like all other FUT promos.

We understand that the promo will run for two weeks, with Team 2 cards set to be released on Friday, 25 March.

Mini Release CONFIRMED

The ever-reliable FUT Sheriff has once again taken to Twitter to confirm the FUT Fantasy mini release.

With stats confirmed for all three players, we think Lucas Moura could become one of the most sought after cards in FUT 22.

Card design revealed

With speculation running rampant about the potential arrival of the new Fantasy FUT promo, we've got a new look thanks to a possible loading screen.

FIFA 22 Fantasy FUT card design loading screen
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FANTASY TIME: This possible loading screen shows the new card design

The above image appears to be a potential loading screen for the new promo, and it's even giving us a first look at the possible card design for Fantasy FUT.

You can find the original Reddit post with the image here along with speculation about the promo possibly replacing last year's What If promo.

Fantasy FUT upgrades explained

The reliable FUT Sheriff has revealed how the FUT Fantasy card upgrades will work via Twitter.

The Fantasy FUT players will receive an initial upgrade at the campaign launch and will then have the possibility for a further +3 OVR upgrade.

Fantasy FUT cards will get a +1 upgrade when:

  • The player plays 3 times in the next 5 matches
  • The player's team wins 1 match in the next 5 matches
  • Attackers/midfielders score 1 goal or register 1 assist in the next 5 matches
  • Defenders/goalkeepers keep 1 clean sheet in the next 5 matches

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