FIFA 22: Man United captain's dramatic ratings fall makes him UNUSABLE

Whether it is battling a mate in a friendly or picking up the challenge in Career Mode, taking charge of the England national team on FIFA 22 can let you dream of trophies and success for the side.

For a while, the centre-back positions seemed to pick themselves, with Harry Maguire and John Stones the two best-rated options.

However, recent updates have seen the Manchester United captain take a hit, with a few better picks emerging.

Form or Ability

Harry Maguire is a player who can often split opinions; Was he worth the price tag? Is he a good leader? Can he play football?

What can't really be disputed from recent months is that he has been poor for Manchester United, even a liability at times.

FIFA 22 Harry Maguire
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CLASSIC MAGUIRE - Stupid fouls have become a regular occurrence for the centre-back

Because of this, he has seen his rating drop in FIFA 22, from 84 OVR to 82 OVR.

The 84 OVR he was given upon release seemed a bit high, but at that stage he had come off a decent season for United and got to the Euro 2020 final with England.

Many will see his updated rating as closer to his true abilities, and the decrease has opened the door for other English centre-backs to swoop in and take his position in the national side.

The Contenders

John Stones, at 83 OVR is the best rated English centre-back in the game.

Comfortable on the ball and defensively sound, he also has the potential to grow to 86 OVR.

In Career Mode he is probably still your first choice, so we're looking for a defensive partner for him in a back four.

Harry Maguire (OVR 82 - POT 83)

He'll fight for his place, but we just can't justify it anymore given the downgrades.

Harry Maguire's biggest strengths are his physicality and aerial prowess, and will still be your best bet if coming up against a beefcake striker.

You'd best hope that striker is slow though, as Maguire's 50 PAC really is dreadful, and he turns like a truck.

His defending stats are also the worst out of all the top choices.

Sorry Harry, but you're out of the side.

Joe Gomez (OVR 82 - POT 87)

He may not be getting much game time for Liverpool, but Joe Gomez is keeping hold of his 82 OVR rating.

With a potential of 87 OVR, he is certainly one for the future in Career Mode, although is already more than capable to take over from Maguire.

A favourite among FIFA fans due to his 81 PAC he can handle most strikers that come his way.

Fikayo Tomori (OVR 82 - POT 88)

We've saved the best till last, with Fikayo Tomori surely the top man to take on the centre-back position.

He has seen increase after increase to his rating since release, now at 82 OVR and with a potential of 88 OVR.

His 90 Sprint Speed is unreal for a CB, but there is far more to his game than pure pace.

With 83 Jumping and 84 Strength, he has the physicality to dominate any duel if it comes to it, but his reading of the game and 84 DEF abilities means he won't need to rely on brute force alone.

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