FIFA 22 Xbox Series X|S: Next Gen gameplay takes FIFA to a whole new level

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The time is now. FIFA 22 is here and it is epic on the next-gen consoles.

With the game now available (for Ultimate Edition users) we can really see what EA has produced this season, and it is a masterpiece.

Here is everything you need to know about FIFA 22 on Xbox Series X|S.

Latest News - Next Gen Review

Want to know what to expect from FIFA 22? Well, don't guess, check out our FIFA 22 next-gen review.

For just a taste of what it is about, take a look over our 'first impressions'.

"Gameplay is the fundamental aspect of any FIFA title, and after getting to terms with the new game's meta - which takes a little bit longer this year thanks to the new more realistic broadcast camera - we believe fans will be very pleased with what the EA team has produced.
"That new camera angle, plus the ability to spread the ball to the flanks with ease, immediately makes you think this is more akin to real football rather than another arcade-like simulation.
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"The 11v11 motion capture conducted by EA has worked wonders, with your forwards making more intelligent runs, your midfielders dropping off into space, and your defenders defending as a unit to quell the opposition attack.
"For passing and shooting you can now afford to hit the ball a bit harder, although we are yet to master the tricks of the trade when one on one with the goalkeeper - especially in Ultimate Team.
"Defenders can lose their markers from time to time, meaning that "sweaty" goals could be common until patched out, but it also does provide a realistic balance when crossing balls into the box."

Release Date

The release date for EA's upcoming title is creeping up on us, as FIFA 22 will be released worldwide on Friday, 1 October 2021.

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COVER STAR - Could Erling Haaland front up this year's cover

However, Ultimate Edition players and EA Play subscribers are already in the game, gaining an early advantage in Ultimate Team.

FIFA 22 Trailer

Check out the official FIFA 22 trailer below.

The reveal trailer has got fans hyped for the upcoming release, featuring cover star Kylian Mbappe, along with top talents Trent Alexander-Arnold and Christian Pulisic.

The trailer gives us an idea of how EA will implement real-life player movements into FIFA 22 gameplay.

FIFA 22 on Xbox Series X|S

All the next-gen consoles have been incredibly difficult to get hold of, but we hope now FIFA is out they will be more available.

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NEXT GEN - Next Level gaming is coming soon

FIFA 22 on both Xbox Series X|S and PS5 brings us the most realistic sports game ever, and we have already seen some of the incredible graphic capabilities.

With enhanced graphics and meticulous attention to detail, will we even know the difference between watching FIFA and real-life football?

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