FIFA 22 Career Mode: Best Free Agents to sign for absolutely no cost

FIFA 22 is here and players are getting stuck into Career Mode!

A low transfer budget can prove to be a bit of a stumbling block when trying to sign quality players, but fear not, we've compiled a list of the very best Free Agents to sign in FIFA 22 Career Mode.

What is a 'Free Agent' in Career Mode?

A free agent is a player who is currently not signed with a club, so is eligible to sign with other clubs or immediately.

This means you can sign a free agent for no transfer fee (ie for free) in career mode.

However, though free agents won’t cost you a single penny to sign and you’ll have access to them immediately, you need to keep an eye on your wage bill as some players come with hefty demands.

Toby Alderweireld (OVR 83 - POT 83)

fifa 22 career mode alderweireld
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TOP CLASS - Alderweireld has played at the highest level

Age: 32

Position(s): CB

Wage: £20,500 a week

If you're after a cheap centre-half in FIFA 22 Career Mode, Alderweireld is a great option with an 83 OVR.

Be waned though, as the Belgian's stats will decline pretty rapidly within the next three seasons as he gets older.

Grzegorz Krychowiak (OVR 80 - POT 80)

fifa 22 career mode Krychowiak
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SOLID SIGNING - Krychowiak will not make many mistakes

Age: 31

Position(s): CDM, CM

Wage: £56,000 a week

Grzegorz Krychowiak is a seasoned professional and will do a solid job in defensive midfield for your team.

The midfielder is a little short of a pace, but if you surround him with the right players he will be a solid addition to your squad for no transfer fee.

Artem Dzyuba (OVR 78 - POT 78)

fifa 22 career mode Dzyuba
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TARGET MAN - Abuse the long ball with this man up top

Age: 32

Position(s): ST

Wage: £14,000 a week

Like a lot of the players in this list, here's another ageing professional.

Despite his age, Dzyuba has some good attributes and at just £14,000 per week could be worth a two-year contract.

Magomed Ozdoev (OVR 77 - POT 78)

fifa 22 career mode Ozdoev
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SELL ON VALUE - Ozdoev can be sold on for several millions

Age: 28

Position(s): CM, CDM

Wage: £11,500 a week

Midfielder Magomed Ozdoev is one of the few players on this list who has potential for development.

At 28 years old, Ozdoev could even surpass his 78 OVR potential and reach the 80s, so he is definitely worth a punt, considering he is free!

Yuriy Zhirkov (OVR 76 - POT 76)

fifa 22 career mode Zhirkov
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VETERAN - Zhirkov will bring all the experience in the world to your squad

Age: 37

Position(s): LB, LM

Wage: £5,900 a week

At 37 years of age, you will likely only get one season out of Yuriy Zhirkov.

However, if you are on a very tight budget and need a squad player, the versatile defender could be a smart signing.

Anton Shunin (OVR 76 - POT 76)

fifa 22 career mode Shunin
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SAFE HANDS - Shunin is a solid option in net

Age: 34

Position(s): GK

Wage: £9,400 a week

Next up is Anton Shunin, the 34-year-old Russian 'keeper.

Shunin should still have a good few playing years left in him, with goalkeepers' longevity these days, and could potentially even be re-sold for a good sum.

Aleksandar Dragovic (OVR 76 - POT 76)

fifa 22 career mode Dragovic
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OLD SCHOOL - Dragovic is by no means a modern defender

Age: 30

Position(s): CB, RB

Wage: £10,500 a week

Standing at six feet one inch tall, Aleksandar Dragovic is your typical no-nonsense defender!

The 30-year-old can fill in at centre-back or right-back, so could be worth picking up in case of any injuries to your starting backline.

Milan Borjan (OVR 76 - POT 76)

fifa 22 career mode Borjan
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GIANT GK - At 6'5", Borjan will not be getting lobbed easily!

Age: 33

Position(s): GK

Wage: £7,400 a week

Next, we have another goalkeeper, who is perhaps the better option of the two.

Canadian Milan Borjan is one year younger than Anton Shunin, and at six feet five inches tall will be a more solid choice in net - not to mention his cheaper wages!

Viktor Claesson (OVR 76 - POT 76)

fifa 22 career mode Claesson
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SILKY SWEED - Claesson brings creativity to the team

Age: 29

Position(s): CAM, LM, CM

Wage: £9,700 a week

If your squad is short of creativity and you're in need of a low-priced midfielder, Viktor Claesson is your man!

The Sweed can play in attacking midfield or on the left flank and should provide you with an inventive option off your bench.

Daler Kuzyaev (OVR 75 - POT 75)

fifa 22 career mdoe Kuzyaev
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POWERHOUSE - Kuzyaev can dominate the midfield

Age: 28

Position(s): CM, RM, CDM

Wage: £43,000 a week

Daler Kuzyaev is a utility man who can play in several positions across the midfield.

You must be warned, however, as the Russian does come with some pretty hefty wages.

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