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Another FIFA 22 Beta should be arriving soon after a failed first attempt

FIFA 22 is up against some of the highest expectations imaginable this year, and that's why many fans were excited about a potential first look with the Closed Beta.

With the FIFA 22 Beta in flux after a series of leaks, here's everything we know so far about the Closed Beta and whether it's going to continue.

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Latest News - Major changes coming in 2022

Free-to-play games are the modern way with the likes of Fortnite and Warzone leading the way, and now EA will look to get in on the at with their FIFA series.

In-game purchases are how the money is made, and now it looks like EA will look to cash in on the trend.

Konami has recently revealed that eFootball (formerly known as PES) will be free to play, with optional DLC purchases available for offline game modes.

It looks like EA may join in the free-to-play and crossplay action, so check it out.


Release Date

The release date for EA's upcoming title has finally been revealed!

After months of speculation, EA has officially announced that FIFA 22 will be released on Friday, 1 October 2021.

Pre-ordering FIFA 22 can get you up to four days of early access too, so don't miss out.

EA Play Live Showcase

The latest gameplay reveal came in the build-up to EA Play Live as EA showed off the awesome new Hypermotion Technology.

The developers took us through Hypermotion Technology and what it is bringing to Next Gen consoles this year.


Beta cancelled following leaks

After the shocking news that the first FIFA 22 beta had gone live with little warning, it didn't take long for the leaks to start flooding in.

Normally, the Closed Beta is an opportunity for players to put a game to the test and find bugs and glitches that can be remedied before the title is released.

It was expected that FIFA players would be invited to participate based on the game modes they'd played in FIFA 21 and then asked to provide feedback to EA about their experience.

However, things seem to have changed now after the several leaks that started to come out when the FIFA 22 beta went live.

The leaks were almost entirely across the board, with details of in-game menus, gameplay, tactical systems, commentators, FUT 22 Icons, and more getting released by those with access to the beta.

EA Sports took swift action, and it appears the FIFA 22 closed beta has now been entirely cancelled, which means players may not get to try the game until a demo or Early Access arrives.

Massive Beta Update for FIFA 22

Despite news that the FIFA 22 beta had been cancelled entirely due to the series of leaks that occurred after it went live, it looks like things are still happening.

The above tweet indicates a massive 62.5gb update has hit the FIFA 22 beta, the size of which seems to indicate a definite majority of the game will be included, and it's a similar file size to the Madden 22 beta from earlier this year.

It's possible that the FIFA 22 beta could still be on the way, or EA Sports may have chosen to quietly roll it back out to a smaller group of players.



There is always a big difference between demos and the full game.

This largely extends to which game modes players can access, teams, and the more in-depth options available.

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GAME CHANGER - The FIFA 22 Demo should be next level

The FIFA 22 Demo obviously won't be the full game, but it will still be the first chance to test out some of the new adaptations.

However, EA Play Live should be our first look at the full game this month.

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