02 Aug 2021 9:42 AM +00:00

FIFA 22 Closed Beta release date surfaces online

The hype around FIFA 22 is building by the day with the official trailer and gameplay reveal available now.

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It looks like we are not too far off our first chance to play the game either with the Closed Beta release date leaked online.

Gameplay Showcase

The latest gameplay reveal came in the build-up to EA Play Live as EA showed off the awesome new Hypermotion Technology.


The developers took us through Hypermotion Technology and what it is bringing to Next Gen consoles this year.

First Beta Cancelled


After the shocking news that the first FIFA 22 beta had gone live with little warning, it didn't take long for the leaks to start flooding in.

The Closed Beta is an opportunity for players to put a game to the test and find bugs and glitches that can be remedied before the title is released.

This first Beta test was open to a limited selection of players including pros and content creators.

The leaks were almost entirely across the board, with details of in-game menus, gameplay, tactical systems, commentators, FUT 22 Icons, and more getting released by those with access to the beta.

Massive Beta Update

Despite news that the FIFA 22 beta had been cancelled entirely due to the series of leaks that occurred after it went live, it looks like things are still happening.

The above tweet indicates a massive 62.5gb update has hit the FIFA 22 beta, the size of which seems to indicate a definite majority of the game will be included, and it's a similar file size to the Madden 22 beta from earlier this year.

It's possible that the FIFA 22 beta could still be on the way, or EA Sports may have chosen to quietly roll it back out to a smaller group of players.

Beta Release Date

It looks like we have a release date for the FIFA 22 Closed Beta, or at least a date we can expect to see it go live!


If the Closed Beta is due to go live on Wednesday, 11 August, then expect to see the codes released in the days leading up to launch.

To make sure you don't miss out on getting sent a code, make sure to sort out your EA account prefences and keep checking your emails!