FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: All Season 1 Rewards & Level 30 Player Selections Reviewed

Season 1 of FIFA 21 Ultimate Team is well underway, and with the full global release of FIFA 21 arriving tomorrow, it’s time to take a look at all the rewards and players you can receive from Season 1 of FUT!

Here’s all the info surrounding Season 1 of FUT 21.

Start & End Dates

FUT Season 1 officially kicked off on Web App release day, which was Wednesday 30th September.

FUT Season 1 lasts for 51 Days and officially expires on Friday 20th November.

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FUT Season 1 Rewards

Here are all the rewards available in FUT Season 1 across the 30 levels.

Level 1: 5 Game Loan Alexander Arnold / Haland / Joao Felix

Level 2: 500 Coin Boost for 5 Matches

Level 3: Premium Gold Pack (Untradeable)

Level 4: Squirrel / Bear / Bat Stadium Theme

Level 5: 9 Game Loan Eriksen

Level 6: Squirrel / Bear / Bat Badge

Level 7: Jumbo 26 Gold Pack (Untradeable)

Level 8: Squirrel / Bear / Bat Tifo

Level 9: Gold Players Pack (Untradeable)

Level 10: Leopard Ball

Level 11: Tiny Knights / Armoured Knight / Lonesome Citadel Badge

Level 12: Tiny Knights / Armoured Knight / Lonesome Citadel Stadium Theme

Level 13: 5 Game Loan Sterling / Sergio Ramos

Level 14: Small Prime Gold Players Pack (Untradeable)

Level 15: 9 Game Loan Mbappe

Level 16: Tiny Knights / Armoured Knight / Cold Rainy Night Tifo

Level 17: Rare Gold Pack (Untradeable)

Level 18: Rare Gold Pack (Untradeable)

Level 19: Grizzly Bear / Space Force / Yellow Deer Badge

Level 20: Premium Gold Players Pack (Untradeable)

Level 21: Chess / Caffeine Break / Park the Bus Stadium Theme

Level 22: Chess / Caffeine Break / Park the Bus Tifo

Level 23: Rare Electrum Players Pack (Untradeable)

Level 24: Mega Pack (Untradeable)

Level 25: Bear / Bat Background Tifo

Level 26: Chess / Caffeine Break / Park the Bus Badge

Level 27: Premier League / Bundesliga / La Liga Prime Gold Players Pack (Untradeable)

Level 28: Disco Ball

Level 29: Armoured Keep / Cold Rainy Night / Chess Background Tifo

Level 30: 85 Lacazette / 85 Sabitzer / 85 Bernat (Untradeable)

Level 30 Player Rewards

For hitting Level 30 in FUT Season 1, with 100,000 total XP required, you’ll get the choice of 3 players, 85 Lacazette, 85 Sabitzer, and 85 Bernat.

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When it comes to selecting the player you want to keep for Level 30 rewards, should you complete the grind, the choice is ultimately yours depending on what you need for your club.

While 85 Bernat may be a good LB, we’d perhaps advise avoiding him, purely because we think there are better Spanish LB options, however in Ligue 1, he’d definitely be the best LB, and with a link to Neymar, you can’t ignore him.

85 Sabitzer looks to be an incredible attacking CM option in the Bundesliga, with 5 of his card stats over the 80 rating. Definitely one to consider!

Finally, 85 Lacazette can’t be ignored. A solid pace boost from his base card, with 86 Dribbling and 84 Shooting as well makes him a good quality striker, but whether that’ll be the case come the end of November, we’ll have to wait and see.

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