FIFA 21 Sandro Tonali Ones To Watch SBC: Requirements, Costs and Pros/Cons

The first SBC of FIFA 21 Ultimate Team is live, with Sandro Tonali’s Ones To Watch card available in SBCs!

Tonali OTW SBC Information

Here’s all the information regarding Tonali’s Ones To Watch SBC, from release dates to SBC requirements to overall SBC costs.

Release Date: Monday 5th October - 6pm UK

Expiry Date: Thursday 8th October - 6pm UK


Serie A Players: Min 1 | Squad Rating: Min 80 | Team Chemistry: Min 75

To view SBC solutions you can visitFUTBIN.

SBC Cost: ~5,000-10,000 Coins.

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Tonali is the first SBC in FUT 21!

Full Review To Follow!

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Pros & Cons

Very Cheap SBC costing under 10,000 coins from scratch
Only 3 in-game stats over 80 may mean if he doesn’t get an IF, he may get caught out in-game.
Popular League & Nation meaning easy to link into squads
Serie A, while a major league, lacks quality across the pitch, meaning you may sacrifice quality to get him in your team on chemistry.
With one in-form he’ll get an 81 rated card, which will be very well rounded.
With a Shadow he’ll have 90 Pace & 81 Defending.

Do you think Sandro Tonali is worth the coins?

Worth It?

To sum up, we definitely think Sandro Tonali’s OTW is worth the very few coins you’ll have to spend to get him in your club!

With great links, a very well rounded card and a steal at only 7,000 coins roughly, it’s hard to turn him down!

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