FIFA 21 players discover frustrating added time bug during Weekend League

As with any new game, FIFA 21 is not without its issues. Some issues can work to the player's advantage, such as the speed boost hack, others are not so useful, such as a new issue with added time.

Keep reading to find out why FIFA players are taking to Reddit to flag this new issue.

Early Reviews

Overall, FIFA 21 has been received well by the community and by us here at RealSport.

Players have praised the game for its new challenging, but realistic defensive controls and its expanded scope for creativity going forward.

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RAVE REVIEWS: FIFA 21 has been received well by the community

However, with the first Weekend League been and gone, players have begun to notice small issues with the game. One, in particular, that's proving particularly frustrating - added time cutting games short.

Added Time Issue

It's fair to say that in recent years, players were more likely to complain that added time went on too long than too short. Accelerated game times meant a two minute extra time could span as long as four or five minutes.

However, players are having a problem with the exact opposite in the new game, as added time is sometimes cutting off the game at the exact point the additional minutes are up, which has sometimes been during a crucial phase of the game!

Reddit user, u/vinnie_fuller, flagged the issue on the FIFA sub-Reddit, as the final whistle blew as his shot was flying into the net, meaning the game ended in a draw! Check it out below:

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As any football fan would know, although not explicitly in the rulebook, referees often wait until the ball is in a neutral position to end the game, and certainly wouldn't blow the whistle with a striker in on goal!

The issue is not an isolated incident either - Reddit user u/epixpowned posted a very similar incident in their Division Rivals clash, whilst Youtube user Craig Dennis posted their own half time whistle blunder:

Evidently, this bug is a frustrating issue that needs to be resolved, rather than one in which players can find amusement in.

However, EA releases regular patches for their FIFA games, so expect this rather annoying issue to be dealt with quickly.

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