FIFA 21 Thiago Silva OTW SBC: Requirements, Costs and Pros/Cons

Thiago Silva’s Ones To Watch SBC is now live in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team to complete!

Thiago Silva OTW SBC Information

Here’s all the information regarding Thiago Silva’s OTW SBC, from release dates to SBC requirements to overall SBC costs.

Release Date: Friday 9th October - 6pm UK

Expiry Date: Friday 16th October - 6pm UK


Premier League Players: Min 1 | Squad Rating: Min 82 | Team Chemistry: Min 80

To view SBC solutions you can visitFUTBIN.

SBC Cost: ~15,000 - 20,000 Coins.

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Chelsea's experienced Brazilian is a OTW in FUT 21!

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Pros & Cons

Brazil & Premier League links are very useful for Thiago Silva, allowing for top teams to be made around him.
Despite being cheap, his 59 Pace is a major issue this year.
Very cheap SBC for an 85 rated CB with top tier defending, and will get a lot of game time for Chelsea this year.
Other tradeable CB options are available for a similar price, and offer just as good stats and links.
With a tricky run of fixtures coming up, Thiago Silva may struggle to receive an upgrade any time soon.

Worth It?

To summarise, we’d recommend staying away from Thiago Silva’s SBC.

While he’s a decent, high rated CB for FUT 21, his pace is a real issue, and the difficult upcoming fixtures suggest that you should invest your coins elsewhere if possible.

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