FIFA 20 Winter Refresh: New Milestone Objectives Trossard & SBC Cyprien

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FIFA 20’s Winter Refresh is underway, with EA dropping new cards almost every day.

Two new cards, a Premier League Objectives and Ligue 1 SBC have now released into FIFA 20.

We take a closer look.

Leandro Trossard (OVR 87)

lucas trossard 87 ovr
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Amn upgrade of two from his 85, Belgian Leandro Trossard offers 91 pace, 90 dribbling, 87 shooting and 86 passing.

With plenty of link options to fellow Premier League players or Belgium internationals, the Brighton man would be a great addition to your Ultimate Team.

Head in-game to see what you need to do to unlock him.

Wylan Cyprien (SBC 87)

cyprien 87 ovr
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Those with a true French team will love Nice midfielder Wylan Cyprien.

The centre mid has all six FUT stats of 82 or above, making him a solid man to have in the middle of the park.

Head in-game to see what sort of team you need to achieve the Nice star.

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