FIFA 20: Why the new Career Mode should be more like FIFA 14

Career Mode is one feature on FIFA that appears to see minimal change year on year. With Ultimate Team the focus, this trend is likely to continue on FIFA 20. Most often it is changes to the layout of the home page and ‘office’ page which mean very little to the players, this past year it was the focus on European football and the re-skin of the page.

While these changes may look nice, they don’t add to the gameplay experience. There are plenty of things that have improved over the years, namely more realistic transfer budgets and wages although this doesn’t stop the odd rogue transfer. 

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EA have stated they are listening to the community about what the fans want in the new edition of Career Mode. Read more about what EA will reveal at Gamescom 2019 here.

Requesting Funds

There are several small details on FIFA 14 Career Mode that just gives it a more unique feel than FIFA 20. First, the ability to request funds from the board in return for greater expectations is something which can no longer be achieved in the recent editions of the game.

You could request a larger transfer budget in exchange for higher expectations on FIFA 14Such a small feature adds so much for managers on Career Mode, especially when they need some extra cash to sign their top target. This addition of funds in return for higher expectations from the board place added pressure on you as a manager and increase the user experience as you feel part of the club.

In comparison to the board objectives on FIFA 19, there is no flexibility in what they expect from you. It also appears to be less important as they focus on other aspects of the club, this is an interesting addition by EA but they are yet to perfect it as it seems to have little impact on the board's satisfaction.

Goal News

How often are you looking out for other teams results after your game? On FIFA 14 you could choose which matches would be reported on during your own game, therefore keeping up to date with your rivals progress.

Goal News disappeared in FIFA 19Goal updates can affect the way you go about your own game, knowing that your rivals are winning may force you into a more attacking approach for example. This replicates real life and can place more emphasis on your own tactical decisions as a manager, adding to the managerial experience on Career Mode.

Transfer System

FIFA 14 saw the introduction of the Global Transfer Network (GTN) which revolutionised the transfers on Career Mode. Gone are the days where you could search for players by specific attributes, instead your scouting network will find players that fit the criteria you set them.

For the most part, the GTN has been a success as it is closer to real life than having a detailed index of every player available. However, FIFA 14 was more realistic in that there was still an element of guesswork over certain transfers that a detailed scout report could not be given. Managers were required to take a gamble on players from lesser leagues as their full details would remain unknown.

Managers had to put the time and effort in to find the dream signing on FIFA 14Loan transfers have become somewhat of a mystery on FIFA 19. Managers can no longer set a future transfer fee to sign a loan player as you could on FIFA 14 Career Mode, and the inconsistency of loan deals can be infuriating. On FIFA 19 Career Mode, certain players cannot be approached for loan, however other clubs will then bring the same player in... ON A LOAN DEAL! This goes for transfers too which needs change as the right fee can tempt anyone.

One major introduction to recent editions of Career Mode has been interactive transfer negotiations. After several negotiations, the monotony of each generic meeting takes its toll and the 'delegate' feature becomes favoured. The speed of transfers is also bizarre as players can be signed instantly, unlike FIFA 14 where transfers required time to get over the line. A happy medium wouldn't go amiss here.

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Lock to Player

A feature long gone from FIFA Career Mode, Lock to Player allowed you to take control of your hero and fire your team to glory. This feature was also excellent for multi-player Career Mode as you could take control with your friends, making better runs and stamping your authority on the game.

Ever use the "Lock to Player" feature on FIFA 14?The Lock to Player feature also meant that any created players could be taken control of, therefore allowing you to play as yourself as you would on Player Career whilst still being the manager.

What should they keep?

Training. Being able to train your players has made a significant difference on Career Mode and has been a very successful addition.

Training is one of few things FIFA 19 Career Mode has going for itWages and transfer budgets are far more realistic now. Wages used to be designated predominantly on overall and age and then league creating a standard wage for all players. The current system is far better.

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