FIFA 20 Volta: Every single "Playground" Stadium in the new street mode

FIFA 20 Volta Football allows players to compete in "playgrounds" across the world with custom avatars. A new trailer was just released to showcase the gameplay, and it’s pretty interesting to see all of the customisation options on offer for players.

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Your chance to shine on the streets

Volta will feature 17 different playgrounds across the world, ranging from New York to Japan, with many ways to customise your squad. And you can now bring professional teams in the Volta Kick-Off game mode.

These playgrounds include:

Warehouse - As it turns out, you can play a 3v3 just about anywhere in the world, even in this abandoned warehouse.

London - The UK cage has a place in all of our hearts, with EA taking it back to where most professionals started. 

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Paris - Play in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower on this caged pitch, surrounded by a Parisian crowd.

Barcelona - The city's historic fountains are captured next to the cage pitch.

Amsterdam - The Amsterdam underpass throws it back to old FIFA Street days with a gritty urban atmosphere.

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Berlin - Play with mates on this modern indoor Futsal pitch, located in Germany's capital.

Rome - Set in a rural part of the Italian capital, this earthy pitch is surrounded by houses celebrating local architecture.

Tokyo - Floodlights beam through the neon-filled skyline. It’ll be the arena we use most for sure.

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Lagos - This floodlit pitch celebrates the simplicity of the beautiful game. 

Cape Town - Play with friends on a grass pitch, featuring a detailed suburban backdrop on the the horn of Africa. 

New York - Play out on the Hudson with NYC's dramatic skyline on display in the background.

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