FIFA 20: Volta Story replaces The Journey in EA’s latest release

The in-depth reveal of the new mode shows that a new story mode comes to the streets.

The Journey was a spectacular inclusion to the FIFA franchise back on FIFA 17, but by the time it had reached its climax in FIFA 19, the community had grown tired of it – even with the inclusion of the Champions League licensing.

EA announced that would be Alex Hunter’s last outing in the franchise, although there are rumours he may reappear in some form the upcoming Volta Story. 

We did not know whether there would be a story element to the throwback to FIFA Street, until now.

What can we expect from Volta Story?

Well, it’s hard to say for now – but with two other modes in Volta Tour and Volta League, it should be something completely unique to the feature. 

We only have a couple snippets from the latest Volta trailer, with a character saying “let’s go show the world what we are about”. 

We also have what looks to be the first scene of the story:

EA have also said "the story will take you through the Volta World, playing matches against various opponents from street football legends, to the diverse and unique players based on community generated avatars and squads, to professional footballers".

You will build a squad in the hopes of being invited to the Volta World Championships in Buenos Aires for a chance to win the ultimate small-sided prize. 

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Volta's Story is a thrilling experience where, along the way, you will create your own avatar, recruit players, build squads, travel to unique environments, face off against "legends of the street" and compete for special rewards in Volta Skillers - the street version of FIFA's skill games.

Hopefully, like The Journey, we will see celebrity cameos like Marco Reus, Harry Kane, Angel Di Maria, Dele Alli, Thierry Henry, James Harden and Rio Ferdinand. 

Rio is the most likely to reappear after helping showcase Volta back at E3, and if we were to hedge our bets on a female… it would have to be woman of the moment Megan Rapinoe who is shown in-game in the reveal.

The one we’ve all been waiting for

We expected a new World Tour (Volta Tour) and online (Volta League) but this new Story is perhaps the biggest reveal in the FIFA 20 news so far.

Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs, Career Mode and even gameplay news have failed to get the community excited – but expect that to change with Volta being the jewel in the crown of FIFA 20 this year.

We’ll see you on the streets. 

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