FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: The Best Card in the Game - 89-rated Eusebio

There are 88 Icons in FIFA 20, but with Marco Van Basten’s FUT items being suspended from packs recently, there are 87 different Base Icons you can get though packs.

We will be reviewing what is, in many people’s opinion, the best card in the game, 89-rated Euesbio. Found in most pro FIFA players’ teams (if they can afford him that is), Eusebio’s ‘baby’ Icon card is simply incredible.

Eusebio is an interesting card because he is one of the few Base Icons that is actually considered better than his higher rated and middle versions. His 91-rated version is on the market at the moment around the 4 million coin mark, whereas his you won’t get your hands on his lower 89-rated card for less than 5 million coins.

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PACE TO BURN: Each of Eusebio's cards has lightning pace.

And whilst most people will not be lucky enough to get their hands on a Eusebio from their Base Icon Pack, we are going to break down this card and explain exactly why he is so sought after in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

Eusébio da Silva Ferreira (OVR 89)

Position: CF

Country: Portugal

Best stats: 92 finishing, 95 sprint speed, 95 agility, 94 stamina

Cost: 5,275,000 PS4 / 4,170,000 Xbox One

Eusebio is considered by many football fans and pundits alike, as one of the greatest footballers of all time. Throughout his career, he scored an incredible 733 goals in 745 matches over a 22 year period for club and country. 

Primarily associated with Benfica, whom he played for for 15 years, he is the club’s all time goal scorer with 473 goals in 440 competitive matches. 

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This 89-rated version of Eusebio represents his breakout 1961/62 season, in which he helped Benfica win the European Cup and Taca de Portugal (Cup of Portugal). 


Let’s start with Eusebio’s pace. Wow. With an acceleration rating of 94 and a sprint speed of 95, this guy is literally one of the fastest players in the game, tearing through defences for fun.  Once this guy gets away he is almost impossible to catch, and this is one of the main factors that makes him so good.

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Eusebio’s shooting is elite-tier. 91 positioning means he will always be in the right spot to receive the ball, and with 92 finishing, he very rarely misses the target. 92 shot power means his shots become extra lethal, and combined with an 89 rated long shots, he is a real threat at any distance. Simply put, this card is a goal machine that very rarely misses.


Euesbio’s passing is also very good which means he is an excellent asset in the build-up process too. Naturally a CF, this means he is well-suited to playing slightly behind the strikers if you choose to deploy him there. 83 short passing, 81 long passing, 80 curve and 82 vision speak for themselves. This guy is dangerous and will rack up as many assists as goals. 

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TOP-TIER: Eusebio's in-game stats with a Basic chemistry style applied.


Dribbling is where Eusebio’s value really lies. His dribbling stats are insane. His agility is an astonishing 95 rated, which is higher than even Messi’s highest-rated cards. His balance is just as exceptional, rated at 93.

Eusebio’s reactions are also 92 rated, with his ball control, dribbling and composure rated at 87, 90 and 87 respectively. He simply has no flaws in this area of his game and this is one of the main reasons his card is so valuable. 


A natural out-and-out attacker, Euesbio’s defending stats are mainly irrelevant, but it is worth nothing that his heading accuracy is 86 while his jumping is 89 - this means he will out jump and win headers against most players at either end of the pitch.

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As we already mentioned, Eusebio's jumping is rated 94, but what is really impressive about this card is its 94 stamina rating - Eusebio will literally never run out of energy and will be just as fresh in the 120th minute of extra time as he is in the 1st. Both strength and aggression are 70 and 74, and whilst not the best, they are still very good for such a fast, agile, attacking player. 


In-game, it probably goes without saying, this card is just so much fun to use. He wins balls he shouldn’t, and he scores goals he simply has no right scoring. He outruns defenders for fun, and his agility and balance combination means he can dribble in and out even the smallest of spaces against the most intimidating defenders the game has to offer.

We found that it was most effecting deploying Eusebio as a CAM or CF, behind your striker, allowing him to be involved in both the build-up play as well as the final attacking play. 

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In terms of Chemistry style, a card as highly-rated as Eusebio’s is actually very well boosted on a Basic. A basic chemistry style adds +2 PAC, +3 SHO, +4 PAS, +4 DRI, +4 DEF and +2 PHY, and when think about how highly rated Eusebio’s stats are already, it makes sense to boost all areas rather than focussing on 2 or 3.

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ICONS: All icons available in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

That being said, if you were to opt for a specific Chemistry style, we found a Marksman to be very useful too. A marksman boosts Eusebio’s shooting to 98 and 94, with the card’s shooting and dribbling stats broken down as the following: 96 positioning, 99 finishing, 97 shot power, 99 long shots, 96 volleys, 94 penalties, 99 agility, 93 balance, 97 reactions, 92 ball control, 95 dribbling, 87 composure. Wow.

In our opinion, 89-rated Eusebio is currently the best card in the game. He has almost no weaknesses. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on this card, enjoy! 

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