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06 Dec 2019

FIFA 20 Patch: New Squad Update now live!

FIFA 20 Patch: New Squad Update now live!

With new star heads also arriving, what can players expect when they turn on their consoles?

Earlier this week, we reported that the the latest FIFA 20 patch, Title Update #8, had been announced on FIFA Forums, in a post from EA community manager, EA GZaro.

The new update brought plenty of new changes to EA's title, such as an adjustment to penalty aiming sensitivity and a fix to the famous free kick glitch that many FUT players had been exploiting.

Now, EA have announced the new squad updates are live and available to download, what can gamers expect?

A tweet from @EAFIFADirect confirmed that the squad update would be available in the evening of 5th December, meaning gamers can download the new squads now.

One of the more exciting announcements of Title Update #8 was the introduction of 29 new star heads - for those of you who haven’t heard of them before, Star Heads are in-game faces.

Therefore, FIFA fans can look forward to playing with a host of players who have updated face scans.

For example, the Norwich team received a number of Star Head Updates, with Ibrahim Amadou, Mario Vrancic, Grant Hanley, Onel Hernandez and Christoph Zimmermann all sporting fresh looks.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Amadou, Vrancic, Hanley, Hernandez, Zimmermann

Follow the link for a full list of players who received Star Head Updates and will therefore feature in the new squad update.