FC 24 Ultimate Team - New pack system LEAKED

fc 24 marcus rashford packs

fc 24 marcus rashford packs

EA Sports FC - or FC 24 as we believe it may be called - is the latest title from EA Sports that will break away from the FIFA franchise and attempt to establish itself as the very best around.

The game promises to shake up the football gaming formula in many ways, but EA are still set to lean on some of the modes that has made FIFA more popular than ever in recent years.

With the FIFA and EA collaboration dead, and FC 24 just around the corner, new pieces of information has started to leak surrounding the new game.

The latest leak has showcased a major change to packs in Ultimate Team, with a major change coming to the mode.

FC 24 Dynamic Packs

Prolific leaker @FUTZONEFIFA has taken to Twitter to reveal a host of new information regarding FC 24, with his scoop on the new dynamic packs set to be the biggest of them all.

Ultimate Team Pack Animation
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NEW SYSTEM - Packs could be change majorly in FC 24

The leak showcases a new pack system that will effectively reward players for the more they open.

Explained in the leak:

  • The more packs you open, the more chance you have at packing a High rated card or special card.
  • Percentage icon beside the pack and for e.g you have a 5% chance at packing a 90+ card, if after 15 packs you don’t pack a 90+ card, the percentage will increase and you can see the percentage change.

A new pack system has been pondered for some time and it looks as if this new change is set to come into play once the new FC 24 title releases later this year.

FUTZONE FC 24 leaks
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FC 24 LEAKS - Major changes are coming, according to FUTZone

FUTZONE went on to suggest that EA has been testing this feature since January and they are "100%" confident of its inclusion in the new game.

Split Reaction

As to be expected, this feature has been met with a mixed reaction by the Ultimate Team community.

Some have pointed out that this feature can only be a positive for the game, with more transparency on the weight of packs making it more palatable and, hopefully, preventing people from overspending on the game.

FIFA 24 Mbappe
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MAJOR CHANGES - This pack system will split opinion

This pack system is implemented in a lot of other card-collecting games like Hearthstone, allowing the player to further understand their chances of obtaining a rare and special card.

However, there is a converse side that has pointed out the pay-to-win culture this will undoubtedly instil in Ultimate Team.

Thanks to the arrival of free SBCs and objectives, it hasn't always been necessary to sink any money into FUT in order to get the best team, however, that will change with the arrival of this new mechanic.

Whilst this new system will allow players to build their pack chances, it will also mean that they will effectively be forced to gamble and spend money on dud packs before hopefully getting something better further down the line.

EA Sports FC 24
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A NEW ERA - EA Sports FC arrives in 2023

With EA being instructed to be more careful on their gambling stance, we're surprised to see that this is the route they have chosen to go down.

Of course, it's important to remember that this is only a leak, and nothing has been confirmed by EA Sports.

EASFC - July 2023

There is very little information available surrounding the new EA Sports FC title, with more info not arriving until July 2023!

EA's release did contain the words "Join the Club" which could allude to the subscription model mentioned above.

EA also released the following in its official statement:

"EA SPORTS FC will allow us to realize this future and much more…but not before we deliver our most expansive game ever with our current naming rights partner, FIFA, for one more year."

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