EA Sports FC - Five reasons to be excited for the brand NEW game

Lionel Messi EA Sports FC

Lionel Messi EA Sports FC

EA Sports FC is a brand new game from EA Sports that will signal the beginning of a brand new franchise.

It was announced in 2022 that FIFA and EA Sports would be splitting up, and EA Sports FC is the new title that will take the football gaming world forward.

With that in mind, with the world concerned and confused as to what this all means, we've got five reasons that should excite you about the future of EA Sports FC.

Five Reasons to be excited for EA Sports FC

Change is scary and this major change in the football gaming sphere has certainly got some people concerned.

FIFA has been a part of our DNA for a long time and this change to EA Sports FC will break that cycle.

However, this change doesn't feel scary. Rather, it feels needed.

Fresh Start

FIFA has been stagnant for a long time and the first reason to be excited is that EA Sports FC will signal the beginning of a brand new era.

It's clear that EA and FIFA have been locked in some battles for some time and that could be the reason why recent instalments have fallen flat.

EA Sports FC is the start of a new era and its arrival is much needed, especially when you consider the negativity surrounding FIFA 23.

EA Sports FC
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INTO THE UNKNOWN - EA Sports FC will launch in FIFA 23

Hopefully, EA will start to listen to their communities and implement meaningful change that will allow this new franchise to get off to a strong start.

Online Career Mode

With that in mind, we've already had our first indicator that fans are being listened to, with an Online Career Mode leaked to feature in EA Sports FC.

Working similarly to Seasons, an Online Career Mode has been wanted for some time and will hopefully result in further TLC being shown to Career Mode.

Whilst nothing is confirmed, the arrival of this feature would certainly signal EA's intent to innovate across the board as part of their fresh start.

New Partnerships

It was announced in 2022 that EA Sports will become the primary sponsor of La Liga in 2023, just in time for the arrival of EA Sports FC.

The promise of real-world highlights and in-game innovations is sure to set the mind racing with possible ideas, but we're yet to receive any further indication as to what this could all mean.

EA Sports FC La Liga
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MAJOR MOVES - EA will become the principal sponsor of La Liga

Whether it's bringing back the Nou Camp or implementing a whole new branch to the EA Sports tree, we're excited to see where more new partnerships could lead in the future.

Gameplay Advancements

Whilst not confirmed, there's every chance that EA Sports FC will be exclusive to next-generation consoles, with new innovations like HyperMotion 2.0 showcasing the capabilities of EA's new tech.

Ultimately, developing games for two generations of consoles is going to consume more time and the switch to purely next-gen will hopefully give EA time to focus on what matters.

The consistent improvement in graphics and overall player feel has been hugely impressive and we can't wait to see just how much further these new innovations can take us.

Setting the Standard

EA Sports FC is the guinea pig for EA and they will have to set a high bar in order to get people interested.

For so long, FIFA has been the standard bearer for football gaming and EA Sports FC needs to buck that trend and stamp this new name into the history books.

A release filled with glitches and a lack of new features will not cut the mustard, with many hoping that EA will roll their socks up and truly give everything to this brand-new start.

More information about the game is set to release in the coming month, and you can be sure to keep up to date with it all on RealSport101.

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