Mason Greenwood Set For EA FC 24 Return Amid Legal Case Fallout

Mason Greenwood EA FC 24
Credit: EA Sports

Mason Greenwood EA FC 24
Credit: EA Sports

It's been a tumultuous past few months for Mason Greenwood. Now, with charges of sexual assault against him being dropped by the prosecution, it seems EA Sports is ready to add him back to EA FC 24.

Greenwood, who was accused of attempted rape in January 2022 has been off the pitch for over 18 months, however, he's remained under contract with Manchester United throughout.

Previously, it was reported that Konami was adding Mason Greenwood back to the eFootball database, and EA Sports seems to be following suit following the announcement that Manchester United is considering reintegrating the young footballer back into the first team.

Mason Greenwood is back in EA FC

According to Twitter account ReFIFA, Greenwood will show up back in the EA Sports franchise with the new iteration, EA FC 24.

In a follow-up tweet, it's explained that Greenwood's face scan has been added to the face model database and that while this is confirmed, it does not mean he'll show up in EA FC 24 and is most likely a precautionary measure in case Manchester United opts to bring him back in real life.

Back in 2022, Greenwood was removed from several football simulators, including eFootball, Football Manager, and FIFA 22. So if you still had questions about Mason Greenwood being in EA FC 24, then that seems settled.

At 20 years old, Greenwood was seen as the next big thing in English football alongside the likes of Phil Foden, Jude Bellingham, or Bukayo Saka. Now age 21, soon to be 22, he'll look to get his career back on track if he does manage to return to professional football.

Still, a lot of people aren't particularly happy about this decision. Recent reports by The Athletic suggest multiple Manchester United employees are considering quitting and going on a strike if Greenwood rejoins the first team squad.

On social media, there's an ongoing debated regarding Mason Greenwood's future and whether he should be able to return to professional football, let alone Manchester United. Even Red Devil fans are thorn about a potential comeback.

It'll remain to be seen what the final decision is regarding Mason Greenwood's future. As always, we'll keep you updated with more information as soon as it's released.

In the meantime, check out everything you need to know about EA FC 24.

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