Will Mason Greenwood be in EA FC 24?

Will Mason Greenwood be in EA FC 24?

Will Mason Greenwood be in EA FC 24?

With EA FC 24 quickly approaching, more and more information is being released about the new title dropping in September. Through a first full reveal and a pitch notes deep dive the hype of EA FC 24 is almost here.

With new information comes new questions and leaks. One question that continues to come up is will Mason Greenwood return to football and EA FC 24?

Mason Greenwood was suspended by Manchester United in January 2022 and then shortly removed from FIFA 22, due to charges of assault.

As of February 2023 Mason Greenwood's charges were dropped, yet for almost 18 months Mason Greenwood has not returned to Manchester United training. Recently he was captured training with some United teammates raising the question, will he return to football and EA FC 24?

Latest - Greenwood will be in EA FC 24

According to @BlissyGames on Twitter, EA Sports has confirmed that Mason Greenwood will feature for Getafe in EA FC 24, but will be missing from Ultimate Team at launch. The 21-year-old completed a loan move to the Spanish club at the end of the summer transfer window.

Getafe loan move

After a lot of speculation over the summer transfer window surrounding Mason Greenwood, he did make a transfer away from Manchester United. Mason Greenwood joined Getafe on a season-long loan spell with Manchester United having a break in the clause in January in case they want to bring him back to the club.

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Mason Greenwood training

Despite Greenwood no longer facing any criminal charges, Greenwood is still the subject of a club investigation into his conduct. He was recently seen training with Anthony Elanga and James Abankwah as he looks to return to football.

Mason Greenwood
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Will Mason Greenwood return to EA FC 24?

It is unofficial however, we predict that yes, Mason Greenwood will be added back into the game now he has made a loan move to Getafe. All charges have been fully dropped for this to happen, which means Greenwood will be back in EA FC.

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Mason Greenwood was one of the biggest football talents in world football, now over 18 months out of the game, will he be able to play at the top ranks of European football?

Mason Greenwood potential

In FIFA 22 Mason Greenwood was 79 rated with 90 potential in Career Mode.

He seemed destined to reach or maybe even surpass this potential, but with recent charges against him, he may never get the chance to play at this level again.

Greenwood potential
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We will continue to update you all on the latest EA FC 24 news and rumours on RealSport101.

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