FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: ICONs Release Dates Announced - Base, Mid, Prime, Moments & more

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They are the cream of the crop when it comes to Ultimate Team cards, and now we know when we'll be able to get our hands on them!

EA have today announced when each set of ICONs will be hitting the pack market, keep reading to find out more!


The lowest-rated version of each ICON is their Base card.

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But just because they aren't as good as their other versions, doesn't mean they won't be worth your time!

Unsurprisingly, the Base versions of each ICON will be the first to drop in FIFA 21, they will be released at the beginning of the EA Play Trial and will remain in packs until mid-December 2020ONLY.


The second lowest-rated of the four cards that each ICON possess' is their Mid card.

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They will also be dropping at the beginning of FIFA 21!

Like the Base cards, Mid versions of each ICON will be released into packs from the start of the EA Play Trial but they will remain there until mid-February 2021ONLY.


Getting to the business end of the ICONs now, the versions of each ICON that reflects them at their peak, the Prime cards.

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Unfortunately, you won't be able to get your hands on these until December2020.

But once they enter, they will remain there until the end of FIFA 21.


Now for the big one, the Prime Moments cards!

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These cards reflect a particular game or moment in the ICONs career that elevated them to greatness. These are the highest-rated versions of each ICON.

These cards will be incredibly expensive and hard to come by, even more so considering they won't enter packs until February 2021! They will remain in packs until the end of FIFA 21.

Release Dates Breakdown

Here is the full rundown of when each ICON type will be available in packs.

  • Base - Start of EA Play Trial - mid-December 2020
  • Mid - Start of EA Play Trial - mid-February 2020
  • Prime - December 2020 - End of FIFA 21
  • Prime Moments - February 2021 - End of FIFA 21
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