FIFA 21 Rulebreakers: Will Ultimate Scream be extended after EA servers go down?

FIFA 21's Halloween event Ultimate Scream is here, and brings a new promo, Rulebreakers, to FUT.

With EA servers going down for hours however, and still no fix in sight, will Rulebreakers be extended?

Let's go over all the details.

EA Servers Go Down

FIFA 21 has been unplayable due to EA servers going down. This on release date of FIFA 21 Rulebreakers, the new Ultimate Scream promo.

EA servers down server status offline
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LAST WORD: This is the last update we've received on EA's server status

While the EA server issues have effected plenty of games, including Madden 21, NHL 21, UFC 4, and Apex Legends, only three of these games debuted a Halloween promo on the same day.

EA servers down offline status FIFA 21 Madden 21 NHL 21 UFC 4 Apex Legends Halloween events rulebreakers most feared
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OVERLOAD: EA's servers for FIFA 21 and more have gone down after widespread outages

These games are FIFA 21, Madden 21, and Apex Legends.

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This leaves FIFA 21 players wondering - will the first major event of the FUT year be extended to make up for lost time?

Will Rulebreakers be Extended?

FUT players know this time of year well. That's because Ultimate Scream, FIFA's Halloween event, brings the first major FUT promo each year.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream 1
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IT'S BACK: The legendary FIFA Halloween event, Ultimate Scream, is back in action! Or at least was supposed to be.

This year's new promo, Rulebreakers, introduces some massive new cards to FUT that will shake up the landscape of the game mode.

FIFA 21 RuleBreakers EA Promo
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CROWD: EA hyped up Rulebreakers' release, and no longer have the servers to support it

Due to EA's server issues, however, FIFA 21 players are left waiting to connect.

Now hours into EA's servers being down with no update on their status, player frustrations are boiling over.

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While most players are taking to social media to vent their frustrations, some are asking an important question. With Rulebreakers being a time-limited event, will it be extended in light of the server issues?

So far, much like on server status, we haven't gotten any new word from EA on the issue.

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As servers are finally repaired, and go back online, we hope EA will do the right thing and give players more time to enjoy Rulebreakers in FIFA 21.

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