FIFA 21 Career Mode: Put in the work on the training ground!

Career Mode is the latest game mode to be fully revealed ahead of FIFA 21, and there are some brand-new features to get excited about.

Training has needed a refresh, and it looks like it has got one!

One Time Training

Manually training your players on Career Mode is a time-consuming task.

However, according to the Career Mode Q&A things are about to change.

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If you achieve a high grade once in a drill, you will receive the same grade every time you simulate that specific drill for the rest of your save!

This will certainly reduce time spent on training and increase your players growth at the same time!

Active Training

More new features will revamp the training on Career Mode.

There are now new ways to keep your team and prime condition with Match Sharpness.

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GROUP SESSION! You can now train multiple players at a time in group training drills

Also, you can now manage when your players rest as well as their training. Keeping your players fresh is just as important as shaping their growth.

Lastly, being able to alter player positions by growing attributes you can prolong players careers and adapt their position to suit their strengths!

Check out the full FIFA 21 Career Mode Pitch Notes here.

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