FIFA 21 Career Mode: Forget about Financial Fair Play!

FIFA 21 Career Mode has been officially revealed with some brand-new features heading our way.

There will be added levels of control on Career Mode this year, enabling you to play the exact way you want to.

Financial Tycoon

When setting up Career Mode, you can now choose how much cash you want to receive as part of financial takeover.

With Financial Fair Play (FFP) prevalent in the world of football, starting with a maximum £500 million seems rather outlandish.

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RECORD SIGNING! Adjust your budget and play your way

However, you can also set the budget to almost nothing.

This gives you the control to set up your Career Mode how you want and determine the difficulty of your assignment.

Negotiation Strictness

Career Mode fans differ in what they want. Some managers prefer to assemble multi-million-pound squads while others prefer a shoe-string budget.

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Again, FIFA 21 will give you more control in this department.

You will be able to adjust the difficulty of negotiations, meaning that along with customisable budgets you can alter how easy it is to sign players.

This added level of control is sure to go down well with Career Mode fans.

Check out the full FIFA 21 Career Mode Pitch Notes here.

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