F1 2020 Game: Driver retirement & F2 promoted confirmed, driver market, career mode & more

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Formula 1 games have differed from other sports games in that they never used to allow drivers to move teams.

That changed last year, and is set to go one step further in F1 2020.

Driver retirements confirmed

Athletes retire. From FIFA to Madden, players get old and depart from the game. That never happened in F1 games, but now it will.

Game Director Lee Mather has confirmed that in career mode and My Team drivers will retire.

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BYE SEB: We know he's leaving Ferrari, but for where??

Whether this will be based on age, contract status, or performance isn't yet clear, but we do know that as you progress into new seasons drivers will disappear and be replaced by...

Formula 2 drivers can gain promotion

The next generation of F1 drivers!

Last year focused on the high number of drivers entering F1 from F2, this year it's gone another step and will allow continuous upwards flow from F2 into the highest parts of Formula 1.

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MOVE ON UP: F2 drivers won't be stuck in their category anymore

That means that Nyck de Vries and Mick Schumacher could come up and replace Kimi Raikkonen or Sebastian Vettel as you go forward.

F1 2020 release date

F1 2020 will arrive on 10 July, 2020.

You can get early access from 7 July via the Deluxe Edition.

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