F1 2020 Game Career Mode: F2 needs to be fully integrated into single-player modes

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One of the biggest additions any F1 game has made was last year's inclusion of Formula 2, F1's direct feeder series.

A trio of scenarios introduced you to fictional rivals Devon Butler and Lukas Weber as well as a few real-life drivers that would be coming up to F1 too.

It was a lot of fun, but a brief appearance in career mode left gamers wanting more. Will we get it in F1 2020?

While we'd love there to be a standalone Formula 2 career mode, it's more likely that we'd get a more in-depth introduction to the game than in 2019.

Potentially great story

Devon Butler and Lukas Weber were great characters during F1 2019's introduction.
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SHORT BUT SWEET: F1 2019's F2 introduction was a great start to the game

Even if it's a cheesy plot, a consistent story through the game would huge upgrade on what we currently have in the F1 games. We've never truly had this, probably because the F1 drivers' agents would kick up a fuss if their client was portrayed in a bad light.

Lukas Weber and Devon Butler should make a return and have a proper narrative throughout the game, not just until the point where you make the leap to F1.

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After you graduate to F1, the only real interaction you have with Butler and Weber is through press clippings, it was a nice starting point but would be very disappointing if this was the case in the next game too.

That being said, the cutscenes we had with Butler and Weber were good and built tension for your title decider.

The F2 introduction was perfect, but it could be expanded to a full Formula 2 season, not just 3 races.

The length of the intro should be up to the player, though, as a full season could put off more inexperienced and casual gamers.

Set pieces like the engine issue in Spain and recovery drive in Austria should be a part of the intro as well, as it helped bring the drama of motor racing to life.

Driver customisation & depth of journey

Many different looks were on offer for the player's avatar in F1 2019.
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STYLE BUT NO SUBSTANCE: Players should be able to choose more than just their driver's appearance in F1 2020

Players have been able to choose details such as the racing number and appearance of their driver for a few years now but Codies can and should take this a step further.

Thanks to the interactions with the press, we can choose how our driver is perceived but there's a lot more potential in this.

However, there is a lot more to a driver than how they are in the press, there's also their background and personal life. I believe you should be able to choose where your driver has come from and I'm not referring to which country.

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It should be an option for you set how your driver has got on in their junior career so far in terms of both success and the expectations placed on your shoulders.

Are you the next Lewis Hamilton like George Russell is expected to be or a true underdog like Alex Albon? Do you hail from Monaco and have a former F1 driver as a father or live on a council estate and race using what little your parents can scrape together to go racing? You decide.

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This isn't something that would be difficult to implement and it would add another layer to F1 2020's career mode. It could change how both the press, fellow drivers and management treat you.

Codemasters have their F1 career mode almost perfected so it'd make sense for them to focus on expanding the F2 intro for F1 2020. There is a lot of potential here and Codies could go down any number of paths with regards to their plans.

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