F1 2020: Will we get a Formula 2 career mode?

F2 was the biggest addition to F1 2019. Codemasters should expand on it for the new game.

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Formula 2 career mode in F1 2020?

F1 2019 is the best Formula 1 game that Codemasters has produced and one of the best ever based around the pinnacle of motorsport.

The game impressed both fans and critics, being a deserved winner of our motorsport game of the year award too.

One of the additions to F1 2019 that we loved the most was the inclusion of Formula 2, F1’s direct feeder series. If they chose to, the player can begin their F1 2019 career in the final season of their F2 tenure, as you battle with Devon Butler for the title.

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As the calendar ticked over to 2020 thoughts turned toward the next game in Codemasters’ F1 series.

F1 2020 is expected sometime in the summer, with June being the most likely release date.

One of the big things we want from the next game, beyond the usual graphics and gameplay improvements, is a bigger role for Formula 2.

The series has huge stakes because its best drivers usually graduate to F1. The crop which come from F2 are no slouches either, just look at the success of Lando Norris, Alex Albon, and George Russell last season.

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Can Codies go a step further than last year by including a standalone Formula 2 career mode in F1 2020?

More exciting than F1

Jack Aitken leads the field into Turn 1 of Austria's Red Bull Ring.
TIGHT AND TENSE: F2’s shorter races and equal cars make for exciting affairs.

This is a statement that will ruffle a lot of F1 fans’ feathers but in terms of pure racing, F2 is more entertaining than F1 on the whole.

F2 cars are more standardised and rely less on aerodynamic downforce. This means closer racing and cars that can snap back at the driver.

F2 places much more emphasis on the driver than F1 but it’s not purely about raw pace. The F2 cars still have to be setup in a manner similar to F1 cars, with wing angles, transmission and tyre pressures all being crucial to a good race. Strategy also plays a big role as the conservation of your tyres is more important here than in F1 thanks to the lack of pit-stops.

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It should also be noted that F2 races are around half the distance of F1 races, making them more attractive to the casual player. In addition, the slower cars also make the learning curve less steep to rookies.

Building in a junior formula career mode, where you can develop rivalries with Devon Butler and Lukas Weber once again, before finally winning promotion to F1 would be an amazing addition to the F1 series.

How it would work

The whole 2018 and 2019 F2 grid - including both teams and drivers - is available in F1 2019.
FULLY LICENSED: F1 2019 has the full 2018 and ’19 F2 season cars, teams and drivers in-game.

Codemasters already have the full Formula 2 license available to them, which includes drivers’ names, their likenesses, teams, cars and circuits.

I see no reason why F2 and Liberty Media wouldn’t want more exposure to the delights of F2 by adding in a career mode to the official F1 game. It would be fantastic exposure for a sport that has viewing and attendance figures much smaller than F1.

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In terms of how long this career mode would be, three to five seasons is probably an appropriate limit of time, as no driver spends longer than that in F2.

R&D can be simplified given the standard parts that are used in the series, leading to a much quicker experience that focuses on character interaction and on-track battles over the grind of earning resource points and pushing your slow car up the grid.

There’s even an opportunity to include your driver meeting current F1 drivers in cameo cut-scenes, like FIFA’s The Journey. Again, this is cheesy but it happens, especially since F1 and F2 share the same circuits and usually the same paddocks. Of course, there is another way for this to occur, if your driver signs for an F1 driver academy.

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Overall, a Formula 2 career mode would be a very welcome addition to F1 2020. If Codemasters produce a game mode of the same quality of their F1 career mode, it’ll be something motorsport gamers will spend many hours playing through. There is huge potential here, but it’s more likely that they’d expand the current F2 introduction to the F1 game for 2020 than make a standalone entry.

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