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Web App

It is an exciting time in the world of FC 24 with loads of information already being released on the new title! With the release date approaching quickly and early access even quicker, now is the time to start preparing for Ultimate Team!

The Web App will be the very first time you can get started with Ultimate Team as this will be released before early access for EA FC 24 starts. This article will take you through all the reasons why you need to play the Web App this year!

EA FC 24 Web App launch date

The predicted date for the Web App launch is 20 September 2023 however, this is subject to change.

The EA FC 24 Web App is hyped up a lot as it gives you the chance to get started on your Ultimate Team before the majority of players. This means you can start trading and take advantage of the transfer market before there are many listings. This article will take you through all the reasons why you need to play the Web App this year!

What is the Web App and Companion App

The EA FC 24 Web App is a website created by EA Sports that allows you to build your Ultimate Team on the website, this gives you access to packs, SBCs, transfer market, and also squad building. There is also a Companion App which is exactly the same however it is done on an app via Apple or Android platforms.

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This allows people to continue progressing such as completing recent SBCs even when they are on the move.

What to do first on the EA FC Web App

On the first day of the EA FC 24 Web App, you should look to take advantage of having access to the game before the majority of players. This means you can get a head start on building your squad and be amongst the first people to open up packs in FC 24 Ultimate Team.

SBCs will be very important during the Web App as you will be able to continue trading for new packs with the hopes of developing your team to get a nice head start once Early Access is released.

One tip that we recommend that you think of while playing the EA FC Web App is that when you are listing players on the transfer market, they will sell for a lot less than when the game is available on consoles. As when it is on consoles people will have the ability to open more packs meaning there is more coins in the game. Yes, the coins on the Web App pre-early access are more valuable but you must invest it in players that you think will go up in price as the full game is out. If you hold onto our coins you will lose out on players due to inflation.

Pre-season rewards

Pre-season promos are coming to FIFA 23 very soon meaning that players will earn rewards for their FC 24 Ultimate Team. We are yet to know more information about this and if rewards will be handed out during the Web App however, we will update this page as soon as more information on pre-season is released!

Transfer FIFA Points to EA FC 24 Web App

Transferring FIFA Points from FIFA 23 to FC Points in FC 24 will be possible this year, however, this is only possible through consoles. Meaning, there will be no access to FC Points (previously known as FIFA points) on the Web App until you have manually purchased points from a console. This will be possible at earliest on the first day of early access.

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Once you can transfer FIFA points over to EA FC 24 (into FC Points) you will notice a massive rise in transfer market listings and inflation on many players, this is when players start to rise to all-time high prices.

How the Web App is changing for EA FC 24

Currently, EA Sports have not commented once on the Web App as of yet, nor have there been any leaks. As there has been a big title change from FIFA to EA FC, it is possible that the classic Web App and Companion App see an overhaul too and potentially a name change.

With a lack of leaks or information based around changes being made on the Web App for FC 24, we will continue to update this page as we have new information to share!

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