FC 24: Pre-Season rewards out today!

FC 24: Pre-Season rewards

FC 24: Pre-Season rewards

FC 24 is out and in full force with players' Ultimate Team's underway! Players who played FIFA 23 had the opportunity to complete objectives and SBCs at the end game of FIFA 23 to receive rewards in FC 24 Ultimate Team.

These rewards were mainly player packs that can now be used in FC 24. For those who waited patiently, your rewards will be in your Ultimate Team accounts today! Will you open them for TOTW 4, or save them for the Trailblazers promo?

Pre-Season rewards are out today, for those who grinded games during FIFA 23 Pre-Season.

FC 24 Pre-Season

When are FIFA 23 FC 24 Pre-Season rewards out in Ultimate Team?

FIFA 23 to EA FC 24 Pre-Season rewards are coming to FC 24 Ultimate Team on 12 October at 6:00 PM BST.

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FIFA 23 season objectives consisted of packs allowing players to stack up their clubs.

  • Level 5 - 84+ x5 pack
  • Level 10 - 85+ x10 pack
  • Level 15 - 85+ x5 pack
  • Level 20 - 84+ x25 pack
  • Level 25 - 84+ x30 pack
  • Level 30 - 85+ x25/ 1x 94+ FUTTIES pack

Pre-season rewards for EA FC 24

Pre-season allowed players to grind for SBCs and Objectives in FIFA 23, allowing them to collect items in FIFA 23 and earn rewards for the start of their EA FC 24 Ultimate Team journey.

Players in FIFA 23 were given an 85+ x10 upgrade pack, along with a flurry of new content that will help you in EA FC 24!

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The rewards that you will receive if you were one of those who completed the Pre-Season objectives in FIFA 23 are as follows:

  • 82+ x10 upgrade
  • 83+ x5 upgrade
  • 84+ x3 upgrade
  • x3 EFIGS upgrade (England, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain)

That's a total of 21 new players coming to your Ultimate Team, and the majority of them will be at least 82-rated, meaning there's a high chance you could pull a quality new player for your team!

These are HUGE rewards that you can earn in FC 24 Ultimate Team, so if you completed the tasks in the previous game, you will benefit handsomely!

We have also covered many of the latest topics in FC 24 including:

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