Players MOCK EA after major glitches seen in FC 24 trailers

EA Sports FC CR7

EA Sports FC CR7

The hype for EA FC 24 is constantly building, with new reveal trailers truly helping this game's momentum.

So far, EA has showcased gameplay and Career Mode innovations with some impressive features on display.

However, eagle-eyed players have been quick to notice the stains on the shirt, with some questionable glitches spotted.

With that in mind, let's take a look at how fans have been raising an eyebrow to the most recent EA FC 24 release trailer.

Players spot EA FC 24 glitches

There truly is nowhere to hide for EA, with eagled-eyed players noticing some worrying glitches in the most recent EA FC 24 trailer.

Players started sharing these concerns online following the Career Mode deep dive trailer was revealed.

Issues with textures and player movement stood out like a sore thumb, as players were quick to point out that these new flashy features may not be all they seem.

EA FC 24 dribbling glitch
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SMELLING DANGER - These glitches are not promising for the launch of EA FC 24

For example, as spotted in a Tweet, one instance of player dribbling looked to showcase some of the biggest issues of previous years, with the ball seeming to phase through one of the player's feet.

Considering advanced dribbling mechanics and new gameplay features have been crucial in the hype around EA FC 24, this is a major concern.

Similarly, EA has been quick to showcase the power of their new HyperMotion V technology, but issues with player textures and appearances were also apparent in the latest trailer.

EA FC 24 Trailer glitch
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TRENDING DOWNWARDS - Custom players do not look polished

As showcased in the image above, the bicep of the custom player appears to be in the completely wrong place, with the general build of inauthentic players looking to once again be a major letdown.

It's definitely worth cutting EA some slack, however. These trailers are pieced together from early gameplay footage and the end product won't be completed yet.

That means EA has plenty of time to fix these errors, but you can see why players aren't holding out much hope in these early stages.

Repeating the same mistakes

As mentioned above, EA definitely deserves the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the release of EA FC 24.

That being said, the concerns of the fanbase are legitimate when you consider the frustration that has set in from previous FIFA releases.

EA Sports FC 24
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JOIN THE CLUB - EA Sports FC 24 lands in September 2023

Many people are hoping that EA will make wholesale changes ahead of EA FC, not just to the features that are on offer, but also to the way they produce their games.

The hope for the future is there, but the release of EA FC 24 is more important than EA realise.

Another underwhelming release could see people start to look elsewhere and the last thing EA want is for their new era to sink like a lead balloon.

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